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Feb 1, 2009
    1. funtime
      Daniel had a great time. He logged into his NC State account and saw that he was also accepted into the biomedical engineering school. He enjoyed the moment, but said he is still going to USNA.
      You might want to go to College Confident and get an account. It has all the colleges there. You can track that information too. Good luck. Let me know how it turns out. April 15 for USNA is still a long ways off so do not dispare, but an alternate plan is good. Have a great week. It is getting late and I am tired. ~ Brenda
    2. jerzgirl
      Hi, Brenda:
      No! I just can't stand waiting. Tomorrow, Michael is supposed to hear from the University of Miami, so that will be another college we know about.
      I love reading these boards, but everytime someone else gets an appt. I fear for Mike.
      How did your son (Daniel??) like his visit. Was it what he had hoped for? Michael just loved it. He was with some really nice guys and he asked lots of questions. It did reaffirm that he wants to be there. Keep your fingers crossed!
      I was just looking at the weather-looks like a storm on Tuesday. I am so hoping for that snow day:)
      Enjoy the Super Bowl today!
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