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    Boys State Canceled

    Our state's Boys State has cancelled. Girls State is still scheduled. My DD was accepted to GS. If it does get cancelled, I would think she would still qualify as a GS Attendee.
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    Time to throw in the towel

    DD received LOA a year ago this coming Monday followed by appointment the following Monday. Keep up the hope. The Supe has stated admissions is a priority. With all that is going on, I have to think the process is still slowed slightly. Good Luck!!!
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    Plebe Parent Weekend arrival date?

    sorry been on NavyHoops describes. In Dahlgren each Academic Dept has a table/booth. It is a chance to meet some of the Mids and Profs in each academic department. Additionally, other service on the yard will have a booth, chaplains, medical, usaa, etc.
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    Plebe Parent Weekend arrival date?

    We arrived Wednesday. I hate crowds and like to get things in, prior to crowds. Annapolis is such a cool and charming town along with the Yard, you can always find something to do. We were fortunate as a family to spend extra time on the Yard leading up to I-Day, so in hind site, we probably...
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    I-Day Preparation

    I'm curious what you mean by strict. Can you clarify? Fairly certain no med of any kind are allowed OTC or otherwise. The PTR will out line it for you. If I remember correctly, DD brought her one prescription. She turned it in and she was given new prescription and meds on I Day.
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    Sick at I Day

    I don't know the answer to your questions but it is ironic. The illness rate for plebes is extremely high during plebe summer. Plebe hack, (mono, etc) runs rampant through the class every summer. I'm guessing illness hits at least 60%, and I am being extremely conservative. DD did not get...
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    2020 Summer Seminar

    USNA does not have a portal for SS.
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    Just got into Summer Seminar

    search your email. USNA. If you submitted, you will have a confirmation email from admissions. I am not sure if the deadline has passed for this year. DD that is now a plebe applied after visiting USNA on a spring break trip when she was a junior in high school. I forget when she was...
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    Your son/daughter goes where???

    Excellent. Thank you.
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    2020 Summer Seminar

    DD will be attending session 3
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    NASS Travel

    Yes, it's very straight forward. Get your bag and look for the Mid/Mids. They will get you on a bus with others and head to the Yard.
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    Rest, Rest You're Home Now....

    I had not seen this. Thank you for sharing
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    Just got into Summer Seminar

    DD was accepted to Session 3. Her classmate received session 2. No idea how session allocation works. My guess is no relevance whats so ever.
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    Letter of Assurance!!

    Congrats! My DD received an LOA on March 21st last year. Same as you, portal did not list any further requirements. She contacted admission and did not hear back. On March 28th her portal stated she had received an appointment. No guarantee yours will go the same way, but this was her...
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    USNA appointment

    DD scheduled an appointment with here admissions officer. It was very enlightening. She also scheduled meeting with church leaders that are active on campus. She also met with an acquaintance that was a mid, which has become a great resource and friend. All of these meetings played a key role...