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    1. Mman5247
      I don't know what to tell you since I can't test it on myself. When the next person accepts, I'll ask them how they did it. I know I had to hunt around to find the Create New Group option. Maybe if you click on the group icon with the question mark, then you will see the option.
    2. givethemwings
      Hi, It's my son who received the LOA, but I'm happy to share his stats with you!
      ACT 34 (34/34/33/34) Writing: 10
      SAT 760 M/690 V/710 W
      4.25 GPA
      Jr Year: AP Stats, AP US History (The rest Honors)
      Sr Year: AP Calc AB, AP Chemistry, AP Economics, AP Physics, AP Government, honors Spanish, honors English
      Year-round swimmer: Varsity Captain 2 years, State Team
      Summer Lifeguard three years
      On USA Swimming Board of Delegates, representing his local swim conference
      6 years honors Spanish
      100+ hours volunteer work
      Boys State
      Has lived over-seas

      I'd be happy to take a look at the things you're doing and see if I can make any suggestions! Best of luck to you!!
    3. dlee96
      Hi, I'm a junior in HS and I very much desire to attend one of the SAs. I've read that you've received an LOA and if I may, will you share your stats with me (ECs, GPA, ACT/SAT, etc)? I would be much obliged if you would, thanks for your time!
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