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    Being 3Q?

    3Q's means that you are triple qualified : academically, physically via CFA, and medicalld Domerb
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    Got some good news... I think

    Sounds good! Goodluck man hope to see you soon. Yuhhh Fly Eagles Fly
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    Can Anyone Gauge My Chances/How Competitive Am I?

    Looking good. It all comes down to your district though. Goodluck. Hope to see you soon.
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    West Point Candidate

    Yes, sir. I am aware of recruiters and their recruitment ideas. I am talking to my JROTC instructor who is an Army vet to see if this a good decision to make.
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    West Point Candidate

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    West Point Candidate

    Woah! Didnt know this was an option can you guys please elaborate?
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    West Point Candidate

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    West Point Candidate

    Thank you for your detailed response sir. Un fortunately I live in a very competitive district. However, my MOC gives Principal Nominations. I have a few connections under my belt, including some candidates for the upcoming election. Hopefully I can out compete the competitve candiates in my...
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    West Point Candidate

    Hello everyone, I am a current high school Junior applying for USMA. I plan on enlisting in the National Guard this summer to assist with tuition if I do not get in USMA or get an ROTC scholarship. I am very familiar with how the West Point's Admissions proccess works , however I only know the...
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    Applicants For The Class of 2023

    Me! I just PMd you :)
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    Medical School After USMA

    Assuming you want to become an Army Doctor. I agree with UHBlackHawk. Prior military experience from my observation is superior in the civilian world. This could actually assist in the application proccess for medical school. It all depends on how quick you want to become a physician. However...
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    Principal nomination appointment date estimate?

    A principal candidate from my district recieved an appointment on Jan 16 (TX-32) via BFE. Appointments are offered all the way until the day before R-Day. Congrats! That is correct, principal nominees are required to receive an appointment.
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    Class of 2023 Tips

    Any tips for the incoming class of 2023? Anything we should focus on or not stress about? Thanks! Congrats on all appointments class of 2022, hope to see you soon!
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    SLE 2018 Application Errors

    Yea, same email. I'm pretty sure it is automated that is why it recommended SLE.