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    Graduation Interference

    No - you will miss your HS graduation. Happens frequently
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    USMA or USAFA?

    no Chemical Engineering major at USAFA, only Chemistry look at all the SA's to see what majors they offer - and what career fields each service has
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    End of BCT

    There will be a top basic in each squadron; in years past those basics are presented their copy of Contrails from legacy class members in attendance at the parade. There are also awards for Cadre as well as the Big Bad Basic male and female from the competition at Jacks All Basics receive...
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    Transferring money to NFCU

    Through the NFCU app you can do mobile deposits of regular checks; I realize he won't have his phone for awhile but in future he can deposit that way While we have NFCU account we also have USAA account and think it's more flexible than NFCU
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    Sending Mail

    definitely # your envelopes or put a date on them so your Basic knows which to open first. include funny but clean jokes your Basic could tell the Cadre - good jokes got DS a treat at a meal or two (and knowing a serving size was 2 tablespoons got him chocolate syrup many a time)
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    How do I know if I am meant to be here or not?

    this summer is Operation Air Force right? Where you go to a base and kind of see what the "real Air Force" is like. Perhaps that experience combined with asking lots of questions of the junior officers taking you around will help you with your decision. There are a number of Air Force jobs...
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    Civillian College vs. USAFA

    My experience with my other DS (not my USAFA grad) -- he went to state civilian university, then applied to med school via HPSP & USUHS. Didn't get into med school first try; worked a year in med related field and reapplied. Got into civilian med school but was waitlisted at USUHS (wanted AF...
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    Storing Outdoor Equipment

    I know the Triathlon team has a room to store their bikes; I'm sure the cycling team does also. You could possibly train and compete with the cycling team while on exchange at USAFA.
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    Any questions for a freshman?

    Kidchaor -- congrats on recognition! I see you said CHAP -- is John Chapman your exemplar?
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    DS accepted [again]

    Also depends on what your major is as appropriate classes need to be offered at the respective exchange academy; DS did exchange from USAFA to USMA - had to line up his Mech Engr courses so he got the right ones in before/after the exchange and what he took at USMA. Was a great experience for...
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    My youngest is thinking of applying for OCS, a little help...

    What about AF special ops -- STO or CRO (Special Tactics Officer / Combat Rescue Officer). Christcorp's son is a STO
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    Medal of Honor to AF TSgt John Chapman

    First AF recipient of MOH since Vietnam to TSgt John Chapman, combat controller killed in Afghanistan Mar 4, 2002 Ceremony was at WH on Wed, Hall of Heroes at Pentagon on Thu, AF Memorial Fri Here is link to Hall of Heroes Ceremony...
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    Informing Admissions of a Weak Grade

    Perhaps your lessons learned can be incorporated in your application essays. Learn from this choice and apply what you learned
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    Another Fencer joins the family

    Congratulations! When do you get to go see him??
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    How do promotions work in the Air Force after Graduation?

    while minimum time in grade to go from 2LT to 1LT may be 18 months according to that article, in the AF it's 2 years from graduation/commissioning date for SA grads. ROTC grads have weird dates of rank so they might make 1LT after only 18-21 months active duty but it's at least 24 months after...