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    Private Pilot lessons at USAFA?

    Soaring and Powered Flight certainly won't hurt when it comes to getting his PPL. Any airmanship experience is better than none, however the PPL will be much more thorough than both of those. I started my PPL during 2nd semester 2* year and finished Firstie year. The smartest way to do it will...
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    If you're hoping to T-38 FAIP, odds are against you. There's 1-2 per fiscal year at Vance. T-6 FAIPs are much more common.. You asked if the FAIPs are generally taken care of. While it ebbs and flows, the answer lately has been yes. As a FAIP, as long as you put In effort and are decent, you'll...
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    A few questions on UPT

    Well they kind of are... In my class last November, we had 4/7 get fighters. Laughlin had 3/6, Columbus had like 2/5 or somethin. Fighters have been given out more often in the past 6 months than before. That has been the trend.. For a t-38 class of 6 assignable students, 3 or 4 fighters is...
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    Yes. I got my PPL at the Academy, but still had to go through IFS before the reg changed (actually I was one of the last to go through IFS with a PPL). Getting your PPL gives you practice with the fundamentals of flying, airspace, rules, and radios. You'll have a 40 hour jump (at least!) on...
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    Pilot Slot Question

    First Assignment Instructor Pilot. Basically your first flying job after graduation is to be an instructor for about 3 years. There are usually 1-2 T-6 FAIPs per drop, 1-2 T-38 FAIPs a year (at Vance at least), and I'm not sure how many T-1 FAIPs there are a year. After your FAIP tour, you're...
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    Private pilot license

    I got my license there about 2 years ago before I graduated.. You go on your own time and pay with your own money. The planes are relatively cheap compared to a lot of places, but they aren't the nicest in the world. Instructors are very good (pm me if you want more info bout them). Getting...
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    Golden Handshake?

    as a 2012 grad, i have not heard this from anyone or know of anyone who has heard this. most likely just a rumor.
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    Any fountain jumping yet?

    we fountain jumpers are in for it today.... plenty of snow and cold weather. makes for a memorable and hypothermic event!
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    Summer sessions

    They can leave on 2 June in the morning and check in ~10 AM til 2 PM on 23 June. There are some stipulations about leaving on 1 June when they're done with everything; the details are in the OpOrd that your cadet has.
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    Cars after graduation

    If you have a CONUS (continental US) assignment, you can get paid per mile that you drive your car to your new base. It's not alot, like 15 cents per mile or somethin. I also think it'll cove your spouse's car, too. If you have an overseas assignment and are allowed to bring it, the government...
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    honor concept dead

    This article seemed to be more about the Defining Issues Test than it did the honor code. Granted, I briefly read it and didn't spend a ton of time in it. I took that "test", and it was one of those 'you can tell what the "right" answers are' tests. A lot of it is personal preferences, and you...
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    100s night is THIS WEEK!!

    yes. There are quite a few questions that those going to pilot training have about the assignment of bases/start dates.. short answer: no one knows.
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    Getting Sick at the Academy

    wake up, feel terrible, go to the clinic, and if it's bad enough, you get bed rest. if you cant make it to the clinic, email your teachers and let em know. or get your roommate to do it for you. missing sucks; it usually takes a week to catch up for every day you missed, depending on the day, of...
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    100s night is THIS WEEK!!

    It depends. Most (if not all, I'm not completely sure) have to do some sort of initial training for their jobs. For pilots, there are 5 pilot training bases. For navigators, there is only one (Florida!) along with Air Battle Managers (Florida again!). Civil engineers go to another base for their...
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    Shadowing a Cadet

    1) Khakis & button-down is fine. Probably a jacket of some sort cause it'll be cold 2) Candy... always makes us feel better 3) Depends on who the volunteers are. USAFA doesn't have "Plebes..." We have "doolies" and "4 digs"