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    Thanks I appreciate it! Columbus was my first choice (I’ve been to Del Rio so I know how life is down there).
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    Yes I was in another rated career field. There’s a huge backlog with the pipeline that I’m in, and there’s a pilot shortage (slots that have opened up at UPT).
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    Casual Status is the status you have if you are aren’t actively in any portion of your training. So during that time you can be given a “casual” job at the base you’re stationed while you wait.
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    Hey everybody it’s been forever since I was on here. From going to IFT and enjoying that fun for 2 months to being on casual status for 6 months, it’s definitely been a wild ride. But I am happy to announce that I found out yesterday that I’ve been awarded the opportunity to cross flow into...
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    AFROTC Book money/stipend

    Chegg all day long when it came to renting textbooks. Saved on average $250/semester easily. And they throwing goodies inside the box with your books as well.
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    Going Active Duty

    Got great news to share, my EAD was bumped up so now I'm going on Active Duty in a month instead of waiting until 30 September! Just wanted to say thanks to all those on here for the helps over the years on here (especially PIMA). Absolutely looking forward to this next chapter of my life...
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    Asthma disqualification for AFROTC?

    Take a Pulmonary function test. It was my last resort to prove to the Air Force I didn't have asthma so that they wouldn't DQ me when I went for my flight physical. I will say the test itself absolutely sucks.
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    Medically disqualified during AFROTC but want to serve

    I can attest to the flight physical. They really dig deep into your medical profile to check if everything is squared away. I was at WP for the whole week due to having to do additional tests. Passing your DoDMERB exam and passing a flight physical are two completely different things.
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    Advice on AFROTC from a new 2d Lt

    For us Dec. grads, it all varies from early Feb to late April from the few I've heard from. I report in April so it's not too bad of a wait.
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    Advice on AFROTC from a new 2d Lt

    Now that's it's almost been a month since I commissioned into the Air Force, I've gotten to sit back and evaluate what these last few years have been like, and essentially give you current cadets (and future ones) just some advice and tips. 1) You are a student first. There is no easier way...
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    AFROTC Rated Boards 2016

    Pretty good stats in my eyes. I was able to nab a rated slot (RPA) and none of my stats come close except maybe commanders ranking.
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    Wright-Patterson Flight Physical

    Looking for anyone out there who's going to Wright-Pat for their flight physical. I'm a part of Group 1 which leaves tomorrow. I'm trying to link up with others there at the airport in Dayton.
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    AFROTC--2016 EADs

    I am I am. So far my EAD has pushed back a month for every month that's passed since summer started.
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    AFROTC--2016 EADs

    My EAD got pushed to March now.
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    Branching in the Air Force

    I PM'd you