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    Motivated High school grad, reapplying for '14

    If you fail three or more classes your out! Reference: Absolutely American 4 years at West Point
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    I definitely plan on joining.
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    Finally got into the prep school and I leave in eight days; thanks for all of your support and the CC crew as well. I'll be on here for a long time while I'm at USMAPS and West Point to help those who need it.
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    Academy dismissal?

    Rhett Butler got dismissed and he had a great life!:redface:
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    Whole Candidate Score

    I heard the whole candidate score is out of 1000; 1000 being the highest you can get but that may just be a rumor. I've read tons of stuff about WP admissions though.
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    presidential for prep school?

    What are the odds of me getting into the prep school with only a presidential nomination? I know I'm going up against 5,000 others.