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    Getting In Shape

    Look up the APFT. Practice those events, and eat well. You'll do fine.
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    Cadet Ratings

    Cyber is a funny branch - each year around 12-15 slots are given. Anyone who wants to go Cyber interviews on a panel of Cyber officers and other related personnel, and from there the top 20 names are sent to the Commandant. After that, it's mostly just class rank. Some great Cyber people didn't...
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    It's always green, sunny and warm at West Point

    Man, did you choose one hell of a time to come.
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    Haircut requirements for SLE

    The great thing about hair is that it grows back. Get it short enough to be manageable, and if you decide the Army's not for you, it's not like you lost a part of yourself that won't come back. One thing about the Army: it requires sacrifice. Are you willing to part with some of your hair for...
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    Pull Ups on R Day (females)

    No need to get a personal trainer or anything drastic like that, just grab a buddy and do negatives. That's where you have help going up, but then guide yourself down, slowly. It shouldn't be that hard to get a pull up under your belt by R-Day.
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    Plebe Running

    No more than 10 miles/ week of running. During the first APFT two-mile, they use your time to separate you into groups of people, which are arranged by color. Color groups run faster paces. I was black group (fastest) because I was a runner in high school, but I was also in the Track and Field...
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    Cell Provider for Device Preference

    Pay for the wi-fi; it comes out of your cadet account, and you wouldn't be receiving the money, anyway. As for cellular, unless you actually plan on using the cellular service outside of the academy, just stick with no cell service. Waste of money, in my opinion, since you are given wi-fi for...
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    There is no last date. People have been notified merely days before Beast that they've been appointed. Keep faith.
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    CBT Duct Tape

    See, it wasn't so much I had them ship me 24 pairs, as I asked for some more underwear and they sent me 24 pairs. I'm not kidding when I say the laundry service is unreliable. They've made two sets of my combat uniforms unserviceable, and lost multiple sets of PTs.
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    CBT Duct Tape

    Two rolls of duct tape is going to be fine to start with. You will visit the Cadet Store every few days, and can re-stock there. For socks, just pack you bag with everything you need, then stuff it with all the socks that will fit. I brought about 8 pairs of Fox River socks, a dozen or so each...
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    IAMA USMA 2020 AMA

    The only easy day was yesterday, sir. And even that day sucked.
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    current value of West Point?

    $550K including training costs, equipment, and other costs.
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    CBT Duct Tape

    Current Cadet here, would you mind posting the packing list they put out? I can help with items people should/ should not bring. @DD2021TX
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    SLE Affect on Application

    The reason the question was "shot down," as you put it, is because the answer to this question is readily available on already published sources (some by West Point itself!), and because it shows a lack of initiative by not doing a Google search beforehand. As for the "heading off to a summer...
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    Still Nothing?

    No news is technically better than bad news in this situation. If you haven't received your TWE at this point, you're 3Q'd. Other than that, you'll be waiting the long wait like everyone else on the NWL.