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    Presidential Nomination Question

    Unless it's changed, USNA also takes it. My DD received it through USNA though did not receive an appointment. Merchant Marine and Coast Guard do not utilize it.
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    ROTC and Graduating on time?

    Chances of going onto futher your education after the first 4 years is very small. Meaning full time education, espeically any medical related fields. They will want to commission you right away. Which branch? I know for AF you have to fill out a form each semester that shows you on target...
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    Question regarding Civil Air Patrol for leadership consideration

    Also, I believe you can get a slightly higher stipend in ROTC on scholarship if Mitchell or higher.
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    Misdiagnosed and asking for advise.

    I'm sure Mr. Mullen will respond. However, if DQ'd from MEPS, ROTC is even tougher to pass. Good luck and hope Mr. Mullen provides you the advice you are looking for.
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    Question about CAP

    Her squadron put out schedules 3-4 months out to be able to plan what they could participate in with 2 hour meetings once a week.
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    AFROTC Major when up for boards

    My DD earned a Type 1 tech. She was miserable first semester. She did get HQ to approve a change to a Type 2 non-tech this spring. Went from a 2.5 to 3.8 semester GPA and a lot happier. So you can change with some work but most likely would lose a Type 1 if offered that.
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    Question about CAP

    check if there are other CAP squadrons nearby…my DD had to choose one a little further from us to fit her schedule. She joined Feb of freshman year and earned Mitchell prior to her senior year juggling varsity sports (captain for 2 years), band (section leader) and all honor courses.
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    Where to do your ROTC Scholarship interview

    my DD did her AF one at a school she didn’t apply to. She did after the interview and was offered the Commander’s scholarship. So they can pull strings if they rock the interview.😉
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    Things I wished I knew before joining ROTC!

    One thing my DD would that the Cadre are always listening too! She got counseled for something they overheard her telling fellow cadets. It was misunderstood and Cadre never wrote it up in the end once they realized they overheard only part of the convo...but she learned FAST that...
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    approved watch for ROTC

    I know my DD for AF ROTC had to get a black band for her Apple Watch to be in code.
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    vp nomination?

    A rare unicorn sighting! Congrats!🦄
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    Where to do your ROTC Scholarship interview

    Which branch? Because AF ROTC schedules it for you, usually at the school closest to you, even if you're not planning on applying there. Don't know about AROTC. But for my DS, he scheduled it at the closest NROTC because the closest one he applied to with NROTC was over 6 hours away.
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    cross town affiliate

    Have him try to make his schedule lighter on crosstown days. I know my DD is on campus with hers, but her Tuesday and Thursdays are kept focused on AF ROTC.
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    Backup Plan, What to do?

    i thought scholarship is good up until the day you report to usafa…then it becomes null and void
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    I believe that the letter is more of his academic ability, more so than a letter of rec as to him. But I could be wrong. That makes a difference a lot of times if the teacher isn't having to write more of a personal note.