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    Contracted Cadet Leaving ROTC

    Sh*t if you don't want your scholarship I'll take it. I'm already drowning in debt over here :)
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    If you're in High School: read this

    @txfwindian @THParent I love y'all
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    If you're in High School: read this

    Tried gum, it really does help. I still vape, my brain still has the urge to get that buzz (that never comes) When my grandpa was trying to quit smoking, every time he had an urge he'd smack a rubber band against his wrist and pop an altoid in... might have to resort to that soon;) I'm glad...
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    If you're in High School: read this

    Don't ever, and I mean EVER try nicotine. I've been off for 11 weeks now. Each day gets a little easier. But DON'T BE FOOLED People will tell you that you can't get hooked, that it's no big deal. I realized I needed to get off nic when I'd wake up in the morning and the first thing I would do...
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    When will the ACFT be implemented for most/ all ROTC battalions?

    +1 to @aray1999sep Currently my battalion is doing a modified version of the ACFT until we have all the equipment or something...? I'm not sure lol. Currently the ACFT is: 10 hand release pushups, 2 minute plank, and a run in under 21 minutes. Yes, I'm serious.
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    Coolest Uniforms to Wear

    I can't exactly comment on the best I can comment on the WORST... THIS V
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    Ah, so it begins! Congrats to all!
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    I lost my sense of smell to covid... and since smell is 90% of taste or something like that, I can't really taste much But the other day after PT I smelled my bacon... just faintly, but I got a whiff of it. I want my smell back. Post PT bacon is what kept me going for a while :(
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    National Honor Society or Spanish Honor Society

    Which one can you hold a leadership position in? Which one would mean more to you? Being a cadet is about managing your time, if you managed your time would you be able to do both? Think about which one will develop you as a leader, not which one USAFA would like better.
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    Hosting cadets when we retire

    My grandpa (LTC) retired in Colorado Springs! Great place, Colorado. It's never too hot in the summer (something we don't have the luxury of in Mississippi!) Lot's of public forest land, obviously the academy is there. Tons of great places to eat, and a REALLY great place if you like the...
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    How many still wear their SA ring?

    Girls, girls, girls! All your rings are equally pretty!
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    There's bacon at Ole Miss. Boom, there. Saved this thread from extinction.
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    Dyke advice

    I will say, one choice for not going to VMI was the choice of "dykes" for upperclassmen. I'm also LGBT, to be fair. Just my two cents, I think it should be changed.
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    National Son Day

    "Jarhead's the best son we could ever ask for!" -My parents, probably
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    Jarhead's Quarantine

    Oh man, I need to come back here more often ;) I’ve stopped randomly passing out, and have no more symptoms! I’ll be back on campus Saturday for the game, and I couldn’t be happier to head back to Oxford. Stay safe y’all! Hotty Toddy! -Jarhead