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    States with reported appointments so far

    It is not that simple. Appointments may well be offered to slates of nominees where all ten are complete applications. In that case, even though the Senator or Rep did not use the principal method, but used the more common method of presenting a slate of ten and letting USNA choose, well, then...
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    What to pack for I day and send in care packages

    Once my son was appointed, I began buying cards. Funny ones. Inspirational ones. Etc. Sent one every day with a news clipping, photo from home or growing up years, etc. He could have three photos up on the bulletin board at one time, so got to have some to rotate. Care packages: powdered...
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    Checking status on the admissions portal?

    Son had two noms (three years ago)....when TX Senator's office called to tell him he was getting a nom, they left message. He returned call and they told him at that time he was getting an appointment. MOC, local, here in town, also gave him a nom and did not call with appointment news.
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    I, too, have heard of families moving to get their kids in another school district, etc. Too funny. Their time would be FAR BETTER spent looking for opportunities for their children to gain leadership experience in unique and noteworthy ways.....creative Eagle Scout project, 4-H, community...
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    Just pointing out that Congressional districts are divided as to population, living in an urban area does not mean your MOC serves more people. Although you may well have more interest in SA's....that happens in various areas all over besides the obvious ones: San Diego having high interest in...
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    Hmmmmm......sorry it makes you sick to realize there are not as many wonderful, outstanding kids outside the DFW hicks out here in West Texas are pretty sure the top end of our smaller classes (my sons was relatively large at 323, but we know lots in classes of less than 30)...
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    Nomination and appointment question

    Has USAFA announced that they are taking a smaller class size for 2016??? My son, USNA 2013, had two noms from Texas.....they don't always manage to coordinate.....
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    Also Dolphins2012: You won't have much free time to chat with the folks! Just a fact......many of us parents report infrequent calls. I used to call late in the evening when I knew he'd be in his room. Maybe next year!
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    Dolphins2012: My mid is a 2/C. His phone (at&t) worked beautifully the first two years. This year, he does not receive calls or texts in his room. Unlike "other" schools, he cannot walk & talk, so on his way to class we cannot call him. He has to go outside to talk to us, which is the case...
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    Thanks. THat's what I thought, but needed to make sure!
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    Quick question....when do mids have to be back in January? Trying to plan....mid in finals and has zero cell phone service in his room this year......I see when classes begin, just figured reform of the brigade was maybe the Friday evenng before!
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    Pig, what about receiving a Supe's or VP nomination? Long shot, but still possible. Or do you think the Supe's go to people who were on a slate, but not selected off that slate? Just want to make sure the OP realizes they can apply for VP nom.....
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    Insider Tips

    Check out Luminex watches. Popular with mids. My son has had his nearly three years and he is very hard on such things.
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    Helicopter parents and you

    Great post, goldenlion......I agree heartily! Don't delete potential questions....chances are others have the same question !
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    TX Senator Noms

    This can play out different every year and in every district. In a perfect Texas, our Senators do not wish to duplicate nominations with the MOC's throughout the state. However, it doesn't always work out that way. A lot depends upon the staff in any MOC's office. Our MOC and several others...