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  • . I would highly recommend doing their spend the night program. This will give you a taste of what life is really like. Just keep in mind that if you get an upper classmen to shadow, then their lives are very different from the Freshmen. Sorry for messaging you so much, but there is a 400 character limit and I had a lot to say.
    You will not be doing any partying your first year. I wear a uniform and go to morning formation every day. I also have my room inspected every day as well. Academically, I have mandatory study hours from 7-11pm every night.
    . One positive about army is that you are guaranteed an Active Duty commission. VT also has the number one large AFROTC detachment in the county. So you cant go wrong with either ROTC program. I have noticed that most of the transfer students find it hard because they already have a taste of regular college and it sucks to have all of your freedoms taken away.
    Yeah there are several transfer students in my company alone. In fact one of them is a junior transferring from Clemson because he got a two year army scholarship at VT. Keep in mind, a senior military college is very intense. Pretty much everybody underestimates how intense it is until they get here.
    Hi, I'm a freshmen cadet at VT. I think I can answer some of the questions that you may have regarding transfering. What university are you currently at?
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    JMU, the AFROTC is a cross town with UVA and the army rotc is on campus. I hear tech is good because it is a senior military college. I was thinking about doing army ROTC. My car had issues my first semester so the UVA cross town class isnt realabled lol. Do you see a lot of transfers at tech? I hear they dont take cross town air force credits, only army.
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