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Feb 19, 2015
Jan 3, 2013
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Feb 19, 2015
    1. dwestman
      Thanks for the response, Jessica, and good luck - it looks like the latest board results will be coming out soon. Interesting that your grandpa is a Richard Westman. Although not a truly unique name, my dad's brother (my uncle) was Richard (Dick) Westman. He though was from Pennsylvania and lived for quite awhile in Texas. He does have several children who are in Northern California and Nevada, as well as one here in San Diego. In any event, again, best of luck!
    2. jwestman1
      My name is Jessica Westman! I'm from Minnesota, but my dad was born in Oregon so I'm not entirely sure where my family is from. I actually know next to nothing about my dad's side of the family, nothing further than my grandpa Richard Westman. I believe he had brothers and sisters in or around Nevada? Sorry for my lack of knowledge, just don't have much for family around here. I'm also waiting for AROTC results, good luck to your son!
    3. dwestman
      I've been following these forums for a while for tips and info for my stepson's A/NROTC application - he is currently still waiting for board results. There aren't too many Westman's out there that I come across, so I was curious who this "jwestman1" is? I am David Westman and am in San Diego, where I have lived my whole life. My dad (now passed away) is James Westman, originally from Pennsylvania, but who came out to S.D. in the Navy and stayed.
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