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    Dual Citizenship

    And to end worries or discussion or whatever, it's Austrian law that I would have to get around to keep my citizenship if I ever enlisted in a foreign military.
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    Dual Citizenship

    Of course you wouldn't have difficulty dropping it - apart from your mother being from there, you have no ties to the country. Have you even ever lived outside the States? Secondly, the States explicitly told my parents when I was born and again when I got my driver's license, that giving up...
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    Senior quote?

    A ship in harbor is safe—but that is not what ships were built for. - Admiral Grace Hopper.
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    Candidate Site Down?

    It says Maintenance session - scheduled... should only be a while longer :smile:
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    Navy's Eric Kettani wants to play in the NFL

    He would still be doing something though, not jsut paying it back with money. And yes, very different (thus a longer term), but still paramount.
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    Navy's Eric Kettani wants to play in the NFL

    Ok I'm confused. I remember someone mentioning he would (if) serve the time as a recruiting officer and in the Reserves, right?... so he'd be fulfilling his service obligation. No problem imo - everything always needs recruits! Who would a lot the officers lead otherwise?? I personally don't...
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    Navy's Eric Kettani wants to play in the NFL

    Then one can't also judge two 20-somethings for trying to consolidate their two dreams in life. [just my apparently unfortunately hugely unpopular point of view there]
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    It'll probably say under the application information. Congrats to you guys!
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    Happy birthday flyers!!!!!

    happy birthday mike :biggrin: =)) wooo 18 :cool:
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    New officer dies in Black Hawk crash

    Oh no. RIP 2LT Cook...
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    Class of 2018??

    It's what I did for my parents, and anyone who knows me on these boards can vouch for how much that helped! You seem very mature, it's a fantastic idea, well done!] Good luck! :shake:
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    Class of 2018??

    :shake: Agreed! :smile:
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    NAPS Questions?

    Is that so difficult to obtain?
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    Happy New Year!

    Same from me - HAPPY NEW YEARS! :biggrin: :thumb:
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    It was good :smile: I liked it, it's growing on me.