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    What am i supposed to do??

    USNAChrisKim- I am really intrigued by how you could be class Valedictorian if it was not based on academics? To my knowledge isn't the Class Valedictorian the highest ranking student based on grades? So... how does this happen? Since you applied last year to the academy you have your...
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    NROTC Scholarship

    Absolutely skann.b :biggrin: You can send any member a private message by clicking on their login name (in my case kgrmom); you should get a selection of about 3 or 4 things and one of them will be to send a private message to that member. That's all there is to it. Just post a message...
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    NROTC Scholarship

    If you are worried about your scholarship- You usually can change from Tier 1 to Tier 2 without a problem :smile:
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    NROTC Scholarship

    skann.b- Do you know what school you want to transfer to? Have you persued the matter to that degree? I'm wondering if you have visited the unit at your potential school or--- maybe you haven't gone that far since you weren't sure you could even transfer. There are a multitude of reasons...
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    NROTC Scholarship

    I know you can transfer but I don't know the process. My D's unit had a student transfer in from another college at the semester break. He was a full scholarship student unhappy at his first school.
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    Maximum active duty after ROTC?

    Thank you for your grammatical correction. I obviously did not proof-read my work before I hit send. 20 lashes for me. One thing I have always found very inviting about this forum is the fact that very few people here put anyone else down for whatever reason. There are no stupid questions...
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    Maximum active duty after ROTC?

    Hi zl677- There is an entire thread called ROTC and a military career another page back that may have some answers you're looking for. I'm going to try to paste the link here: This is the place to ask questions and get answers-...
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    ROTC and pregnency

    NROTC and pregnancy This is what I find for NROTC. What I can't find is the actual CNET1533.3 section that is referred to. Everything I find skirts around it but it appears that it eludes to the fact that it is up to the PNS (Prof. of Naval Science) to make the decision. My first answer...
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    NROTC Tier 3 Scholarship Advice

    Just a couple of thoughts since I know you are not getting a huge response here. ROTC is not a popular topic on this board. Have you tried the "other board" (sorry all- I'm not trying to drive away business). Might be worth a shot however :rolleyes: In addition another reason for such a...
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    navy-marines vice-versa

    If you have accepted a Navy ROTC scholarship and decide later that you want to switch to Marine Option you can try. You have to apply for a Marine Option Scholarship and they are not easy to get primarily (I think) because there are so few of them. My D's is in school with a girl who has...
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    Awarded 3 year scholarship..what if I fail the PT?

    Something else that may help you feel a little better- I can pretty much guarantee you that you are not the only one coming into this that is going to be in this situation :) Don't be discouraged right off. Get a really good pair of running shoes - that is something we didn't do and I...
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    Realistic test scores needed

    Meaning... you think realistically your scores need to be higher? Just trying to be sure we understand :rolleyes:
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    NROTC 3 year Scholarships

    My daughter has just heard the same thing from a couple of her friends (includes kids in engineering and non-engineering fields) in her unit. Comments from the CO were that no scholarships were awarded this year to college programmers. She is in school in NY. This is devasting news in my...
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    Is there a list of colleges and Universities that offer free room and board to AROTC

    List of NROTC Room and Board Schools A very resourceful mom on another board found a great list somewhere of schools and their offerings of room and board for Navy ROTC kids. I thought folks over here might be interested so here it is :biggrin: ROOM & BOARD PROVISIONS FOR 4-YEAR NROTC...
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    NROTC Tier 3 Scholarship Advice

    I'm guessing the lack of enthusiasm you are referring to was coming from the ROTC Staff? Probably because they know that her chances of getting a scholarship are much greater with a technical related degree of some type (the Tier 1 and 2 majors). Essentially what she is looking at is out of...