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    Removed from NROTC at my PRB

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. People make mistakes, but it is how they react to them is what determines the person. You already having a plan, and not giving up on your goal of serving tells me that you will do just fine. Best of luck. And please come back and share with us when you...
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    Most people don't think so, as long as you tell the truth and haven't abused illegal drugs.
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    SATs Essay required?

    For AROTC, just need to submit the ones you want considered. I don't know about NROTC, but would assume it to be the same.
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    PFT to Contract?

    Last year they used 1 minute pushups, 1 minute Curl Up, and 1 mile run (same as the PFA). I assume it will be the same this year. I forget scores were required to contract.
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    ROTC website

    I second Kinnem's suggestion. There was a similar thread recently. Some were able to start the application, and others weren't.
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    Guidance sought

    From my experience, and from talking to others, NROTC-MO recruiter experiences are varied. Lots of frustration with more than a few. My advice is to be persistent and knowledgeable. It's great that your DS is starting early, so he should be all set, but don't be afraid to follow up with...
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    Interview Question: What were the last three books you read?

    I wouldn't expect "name the last 3 books" you read, though interviewees should prepare for anything, but I wouldn't be surprised at "what is the last book you read" or, more likely, "what is your favorite book and why?". My DS's friend was asked "what is your favorite song and why" at an Army...
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    Illicit Drug Use

    I have been subject to multiple background investigations for work. They will absolutely knock on neighbor's doors/contact others not listed to ask about you.
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    Dodmerb DQ/waiver question

    Waiver decisions are made independently by the branches. Given the current AFROTC personnel needs, not surprising if they are stingy with waivers. So, yes, another branch ROTC would consider a waiver. Unfortunately, I don't think anybody will be able to give you an answer until DD goes...
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    Question for those who have earned a 4 year AROTC scholarship...

    As others have said, comparing stats is an exercise in futility because, at least for AROTC, such a significant portion of the total score are for factors that you will never know the score - PMS interview, CBEF and Board Score. My son received a 4-year on the 2nd Board, I've put his stats...
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    AROTC 4 Year Chances

    My DS took the same approach, but lucky for us, the school he felt most comfortable was also the closest (because he had visited there most often). He was going to do the PMS interview at his #1 school (in case of a possible advantage with admissions) but then we decided that it was most...
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    AROTC 4 year Scholarship Transfer

    My DS's took 8 days. But he did it before 4/1. I'm guessing they are busier now.
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    AROTC Contracting Timeline

    Best to check with your cadre, but in theory, you have until the end of your first semester sophomore year to contract and receive the scholarship benefit starting sophomore year. So, look to have everything taken care of by August, but you have a little leeway if that doesn't happen.
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    AF decisions

    Good catch Penguin. +1 vote for troll
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    AF decisions

    I thought for sure you were coming back with this one: