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    VMI 2020 Early Decision

    They typically send out letters the first week of December. I would also recommend an admissions interview and talking with the VMI Professor of Military Science, even by telephone if you can't make an in-person visit. Good Luck!
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    Go Keydets!

    BTY, I was at the game and watched the march-in. Could not have been more impressed with the appearance and military bearing of the VMI cadets. They looked absolutely amazing. To put it in the words of some people there also watching, "The VMI cadets look like military machines!" Very good job...
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    VMI Admissions Advice

    Absolutely agree with Emptynest: make sure this is what you want. In addition to many leaving because they aren't mentally prepared, many also leave for lack of being physically prepared. If you go to VMI, make sure you are mentally prepared and in the best physical shape of your life! Good luck...
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    VMI Admissions Advice

    NY6711, also strongly suggest you take another visit to VMI and schedule an interview with the admissions staff. This is a good way to get on their radar in a positive way and to ask questions and learn more about the Institute. Interviews are highly encouraged for students on the borderline for...
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    Go Keydets!

    Great win for a very old fashioned military school. Congrats VMI!
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    Uniform Alternatives

    Two thumbs up to EMW above. Definitely have a face to face with your squad leader and figure this out. Good Luck!
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    What are my chances of getting in to VMI???

    Maya, congrats on being the first in your family to attend college. That is amazing. Looks like you have a strong profile for VMI admission. Getting into VMI is very competitive and it's only becoming more competitive each year, but getting into VMI is the "easy" part. Staying there is very...
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    Uniform Alternatives

    Don't spend the money! Suggest you limit yourself to 5 minutes per shoe per day--10 minutes total of polishing your shoes each night. Focus on your uniform for a total of 30 minutes EVERYday--the rest should be spent in your books or on the athletic fields! If you dedicate time every single day...
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    Citadel Athletic Knobs Matriculate

    Full disclosure here, not all Citadel athletes are cadets, some are civilian students and therefore do not attend Athcad at all.
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    Questions regarding VMI

    Luke, I’d recommend buying a black non-flashy Casio GShock. Make sure you show up in plain clothes and comfortable athletic shoes on day one. I’d also further recommend that you not focus too much on watches, etc. but instead focus on your physical fitness and mental preparedness... You’re about...
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    VMI vs Citadel

    AROTC-Dad—Absolutely right! Her quote was on-point! And definitely proved it was not the right place for her! ...and I’d add, of all the places I’ve seen in the world, VMI is most certainly a place you do not go to unless you’re 100% sure it’s what you want!
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    VMI vs Citadel

    Pololive, I have to agree with what Devil Doc said above, I also choose VMI for you. But it's not our choice, it's yours! I also 100% agree with Shaka's son who observed the more "rigorous" environment at VMI. My DD saw the same. It is definitely an intense and hard-charging 100% military...
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    Medal of Honor Nominee and Former Commandant of VMI Passes

    Sad news in the VMI community with the passing of Brig Gen. Mike Bissell. General Bissell was nominated for the Medal of Honor and is a member of the US Army and National Aviation Hall of Fame.
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    North Georgia vs. The Citadel or VMI

    Given this is an older thread with a new question, I’ll try to help out. First, North Georgia is an outstanding school, and from what I’m told, they provide great in-state scholarships to anyone wanting to be in army ROTC. UNG also has highly capable Army officer graduates. UNG has a mix of...
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    VMI Rat Mass 2020+3 (Class of 2023) Appointment Thread

    This is really awesome. Kudos to Falcon A for leading/organizing this thread!