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  • My favorite cpl? Probably Noll . . although I love all my cadre . . . hahah matriculation day was crazy. I was just nervous as hell and actually felt a little better after getting into barracks cause at least I wasnt nervous anymore. Hell week was pretty awful, but seems like a blur now, and the rat line's tough but im starting to get into the swing of things a little bit. just tryin to ghost rat it up although it might be too late for that hahah
    i am greatly wishing we can. its jsut his father and my godparents are arranging stuff so im hoping its a go if so ill message youbefore or something and who knows i could meet a future class mate. as for the people you have mentioned i have spoken to two as you have seen and i will be trying to see if i can write to the fourthclassmen he will most likely have the answers i most want to hear. for he has wnet through the part of VMI i am most interested in and well the"RATLINE." thank you greatly
    Yeah sure man. I can help with whatever you need. As for Alums we have Bruno, who has been a great deal of help for me in answering any and all of my questions. I'd shoot him a PM. Then there's RahVaMil2009 who is a 1st classmen (Senior) then there's VMINROTChopeful who is a 4th Classmen this year, who broke out a few month ago. any of these three can be of great services to you, as they have been for me. Good luck and it would be cool if you and your friend came to an open house next year when I'm a rat.
    Nah its just good to hear as you said guys around your age taking control. Yes. i want to attend VMI. not only i it a great military school but i grew up jsut 30 minutes from it giving me a good innciative. no one sadly from my school or my family ahs went into a military or academic source of military since Vietnam and its kind of my perspective i want to be the next. not only that but a close friend and i have already made a pact to here set forth to go to the school. it kind of gives us a good lead in the brother hood o the school. iappreciate any and all answers you are willing to give me and if you perhaps know of any alumni or current cadets. i would be more than greatful if i could perhaps speak to them.
    thanks always,
    Hey KeydetLJ, First off how's a going? It's cool to see kids my age or within my age group that have a good idea on what they want to do academic and career wise. I've been accepted twice to VMI, The Citadel, NGCSU, and Norwich U. All great SMI's. The first time being last year, when I was a graduating senior in high school and now this year as a freshman in college. I will most certainly do my very best to answer any and all questions that you throw my way. I'd like to think of myself as a very military orientated person especially since I'm coming from a very large military family. If you have anything to ask about any of the SMI's beside maybe A&M I can most likeyl give you an outsiders perspective. If your looking for SA's I can help you there as well. My best friend is a USMA while another is at USAFA. So i can at the least transfer you to them.
    i have read in some posts that you would like to attned VMI? well i also saw taht you had class of 10+3 well im planning on beng the class of 10+4. and was willing to see if you knew any more information than i did cause it would be greatly helpful
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