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    Service Selection Breakdown

    What is the breakdown at USNA as far as service selection goes? How many billets are alloted for the different communities? Also, what grades or ranking is generally associated with each of the communities? With Marines, how many pilot and NFO billets are available? Thanks.
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    Pre Commissioning Medical Examinations

    I know what is required for DODMERB. I am talking about the 2/C pre commissioning medical examinations. Thanks.
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    Pre Commissioning Medical Examinations

    What all tests do they run for pre commissioning examinations? Is it like a normal physical. Do they only check eyesight and particular things? Is there a blood pressure test? Thanks.
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    Air Conditioning

    Is it true that Bancroft Hall can tell whether someone is tricking the air conditioning system by placing something warm on the metal covering the thermostat? I have heard that people have been fried for doing so in an attempt to keep their room cool. Is this true or only rumor? If that is the...
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    Talking to Newspaper

    My local newspaper wants to interview me about my experiences thus far at the academy. This to supplement information that my local BG officer wants posted in the paper. Am I allowed to comment to the paper? I will not be talking about any controversial issues or making any degrading remarks of...
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    Summer Training Changes

    Roger that. Thank you.
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    Summer Training Changes

    Is it common for summer training assignments such as a surface cruise to change repeatedly a week or two before the embark date, even one of the assignments is on a carrier? Also, what is the liklihood that a cruise would continue into my leave if I had leave scheduled for the next block? If I...
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    Don't fret over not being accepted to NASS. It does not mean you won't get in. I wasn't accepted to any of the three SS programs that I applied to (Military, Naval, and Air Force). However, I received a letter of assurance in Oct. of my senior year, a nomination in Nov. and had all my paperwork...
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    Thin envelope- waitlisted

    Do not forget about NAPS, Foundation, and simply reapplying.
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    Mid Charge

    How does "mid charging" work? I understand that you get paid $800 or so, but only get to pocket $100 and the rest is used as held pay and some of the held pay can be used to mid charge. What I am confused about is how much of that held pay you will actually get. Do you get the same amount if you...
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    Plebe Swimming

    How do they award the PE grade when plebes have swimming during a semester? How much of the PE grade for the semester is for swimming and how much of the PE grade is for the PRT? Thanks.
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    Summer training

    Roger that. For block 0, you noted that most midshipmen get that block off. Can midshipmen go on leave during block 0 or do they reside at the academy? Thanks.
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    Summer training

    I am still confused as to how the summer is divided up at the academy. How many blocks are there and how long are each of the blocks? How many are mandatory training blocks? Thanks.
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    Physically Fit for Plebe Summer

    The academy should send you a workout plan that includes running (distance and intervals), pushup ladders, and situp ladders. I followed the 7 week routine and I was well-prepared for plebe summer. I recommend following their prescribed plan because the morning PEP routine will be fairly...
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    Physical Aptitude

    The Marine Corps ROTC requires a fitness test that includes pull-ups, curl-ups (sit ups in which you cross your arms against your chest and your elbows must touch your legs in order for it to be counted), and a 3-mile run. The MROTC PT test score is only used as a deciding factor if there are...