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Dec 1, 2009
    1. proudmomcolorado
      Dear Mariner Mom,
      We live in Colorado and DS is staying at the Academy during thanksgiving break. He has offers to go home with mids for the holiday (undecided) and is also considering going downtown to see the Macy's parade. He is a plebe in first company. If your DS ends up staying for the long holiday, get back to me and we can see if they can pal around or go to another mid for thanksgiving supper.

      Hope you have picked up the Christmas airplane tickets, they are pretty much doubled from when we purchased them. We have a bet going in our house that they will be tripled by the time he comes home in Dec. It is worth having them home though and I hope everything works out for you. Happy Thanksgiving. Lisa
    2. jasperdog
      Where are you trying to get your son too? As has been noted it's not hard to get him to the DC metro area where we live our DS is a third classman, he doesn't have his car at KP yet since while he was home before returning from sea a deer committed suicide using it as the weapon of choice but the connection from LIRR to Amtrak to get to Union Station DC is pretty easy and he is welcome to stay with us until you pick him up or even for the holiday here in No Va.
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