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    Use of cellphone/smartphone

    I live in first wing and I get pretty decent reception- by a window. But the thing is that the newer wings get better reception from my understanding. We've never had our computer histories checked in my company- I guess it's all up to training staff. And using your cell phone isn't a really...
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    Congrats! Savor the moment.. Just 9 months ago I received my package.. Def.. savor the moment :D
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    Question: USNA attrition after 1 or 2 years?

    I've seen people leave within two weeks of plebe summer and people who chose not to sign their 2 for 7 in my company this year. During the summer, it is especially hard to leave. You go to millions of meetings with people because they want to make sure that this is what you really want as...
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    choice of major at USNA

    Yeah they will encourage you to go for a group 1 or 2 major. When i had my blue and gold interview I wanted to do chem. But now I'm considering a group 3. it's okay if you choose to change your major so just go with what you think you want.
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    Applying to USNA while in NROTC?

    It's totally doable. My youngster was a NROTC cadet at Tech. He did one year and applied again for USNA and then came here.
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    Able to find balance during USNA?

    The life of a plebe isn't that bad. I find a lot of balance between being a midshipman and being myself and having fun. It really all depends on you. Being open and making friends is the way to go. There will never be a dull moment in your life. I also have an awesome company. Some people may...
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    Finished Interviews Today

    I remember hearing from the congressmen in late December early January.
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    interested in both usma and usna

    In my experience, it makes the two academies almost compete against one another to get you. Especially if you are an amazing candidate. I know I applied to USNA and began the application process to USAFA and USMA and as soon as I got in I stopped the applications to the other two. USAFA and USMA...
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    Away games

    There are lots of ways that midshipmen can go on these MOs or Movement Orders. Plebes were not allowed to sign up until like the 3rd away game. Or I think it was after 6 weeks. I'm not sure because I haven't gone on any of the football MOs. Drum and Bugle corps and Cheerleading are always on the...
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    Help publicize the Academy

    Hey he's in my company! He's a tallll guy!
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    Plebe Summer Typical Day

    Actually what you said isn't true. They don't have night watch anymore.. at least this year they did not. Also, they don't let you keep any medicine that is sent. They will take it away. My company did at least. But they will issue you some medicine. You can always ask for some in your...
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    lol yes. that is true. class of 2013 got lucky with the weather. you are probably right. that might have a large part in the attrition rate though. especially to people who aren't used to the heat and humidity. I'm from maryland so i thought it was really cool during the summer. my friend...
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    no def. not. there is a lot more but i can't think of anything to put in right now. if you have questions i'll gladly answer though
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    Your plebe summer experience is really company dependant. Some companies did not have as hard of a plebe summer experience while others were just terrible. Come into plebe summer knowing: The eleven general orders of a sentry, the mission of USNA, and the chain of command from President Obama...
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    Hello all- I just finished Plebe Summer as well as Hell-O night. If any prospective candidates or anyone interested has any questions feel free to shot me a PM or just reply to this post. I will try to answer to the best of my abilities :)