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  • Hi. I'm a prospective afrotc cadet. I was wrongfully diagnosed w/ depression/anxiety by a nurse practitioner in 2015, then again wrongfully diagnosed w/ PTSD in 2017. I also have a DUI from 2010 on my record. I was prescribed meds but never took them. If I get a new mental evaluation by a Psychiatrist showing that I'm cured, will that + a waiver for the DUI (I have no other arrests) be enough to get me into AFROTC?
    Sir, My daughter was awarded a 3 yr army ROTC scholarship. She is now 1st yr. college attending ROTC does PT 3x a wk & did field training. She was DQed-pending waiver review for history on less than grade 1 spondylolisthesis in 2014. After physical therapy, no more pain. She was active in JROTC drill, raider challenge, physical fitness teams, Mixed martial arts. DPT notes says no functional limitations. Pls. help us!
    Good Morning Director Mullen,
    DoDMERB has disqualified me for a "current condition of glaucoma" of which I do not have. I am going up for a waiver soon and in desperate need of guidance. Any insight you have into this process would be greatly appreciated. My email address is dodmerbhelp1@gmail.com. Thank you very much, sir.
    Director Mullen, my son, Kyle was awarded a National Air Force ROTC scholarship and selected his college based on the ROTC program. He was DQed for OCD on his medical application, automatically appealed - waiver and DQed for the waiver. We were waiting for someone to ask for specific information but that never happened. next steps, what do you suggest? Thanks, Steve at Steve.Zoeller@VOYA.com
    Hi Mr. Mullen I have a question? If USNA medically denies an applicant, then how does the applicant request a waiver. USAF has already sent the waiver but nothing from USNA.
    Thank You
    Hi Mr. Mullen, this might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. My DS has completed physical and optometric exams for dodmerb. Today the dodmets site states all medical forms are in. So I click to check status. Can't sign in, can't create new account. The message :There is no application matching the social security number or date of birth entered.
    Please confirm your SSN and Date of Birth. If these are correct please contact DoDMERB.
    ,,,,,,ds is currently applying to USMMA, USCGA and has completed package for NROTC.
    I interpet as, since NROTC package is awaiting selection it has not been sent to dodmerb. And USMMA is awaiting one letter of recommendation to be complete and reviewed,,,, is this why dodmerb states no application matches the ss# and password? Or has something been entered incorrectly after the physical examination?
    Mr. Mullen: I have tried logging in to the dodmerb web site today with the username and temporary password provided by dodmerb today, but I still cannot get in. I wanted to verify status for ROTC; for SAs I was found during the summer to be qualified. Thanks for any help you can give me.
    im very new to this forum..and i have questions regarding the dodmerb. how would i contact you?...through hotmail?
    Send your posting to me at Larry.Mullen@dodmerb.tma.osd.mil and I can assist you better from there. I will reply by tomorrow niight:)
    Mr. Mullen...

    My son is applying to USAFA and USCGA. He was accepted to both AFASummer Seminar and the USCGA Summer AIM programs. He had allergy shots for a couple of years from age 13-15. He is 18 now no longer has seasonal allergies and off the program. Is this still a DQ? If so, what are his chances of a waiver?

    He is a 4.0 student
    ACT - 32
    Capt of track Team
    many many more....
    Hello Mr. Mullen

    I just found out today that I was denied a medical waiver for the AROTC. What should I do now?
    I don't use this PM. Send your post to Larry.Mullen@dodmerb.tma.osd.mil. I can assist you better from there.
    dear sir

    i have been trying to join the military for over 2 years. when i was 15 i had a football accedent resulting in a slight sublication of c6-c7. caused by spondylolysis. the result was a sugary fusing the two vitibra together. this injury happened 5 years ago. i havent had any problems. i have played full contact football, wrestled, boxed, fought ect. with no injury. the neck is fine. i have ALOT of second oppinion from docs. saying im good to go.

    when i was 17 and a half i tried to enlist in the navy; the wavior was denide.
    i dont want to lie to join the military. i know that this is what i want to do. any and all information you have which could help, i would deeply appriciate.

    ive also been going to school and have over 45 units complete with a gpa of over a 3.6. ive talked to my repressentive and he said he is willing to write a letter in support of the waivor.

    any ideas?
    navalacademy12 -cut and paste your message to me at Larry.Mullen@dodmerb.tma.osd.mil. I can assist you better from there.
    Mr. Mullen,

    I'm a student at McLean High School and I have always wanted to go to the Naval Academy but I have very light asthma. I don't know if I can go but if you could shed some light on my situation and if I can do anything to do something to improve my chances of passing medical examination.

    Thank you,
    Hi Larry,

    My son, Collin Sykes, is an accepted candidate for the Coast Guard Academy, pending a medical waiver. I have taken numerous steps to provide DODMERB with medical evidence that Collin's brief episode (1 month) of absence seizures at age 5 have not hindered him in any way. I would like your imput on the steps I have taken to date. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance. Joanne Sykes
    Calicora- cut and paste your message to me at Larry.Mullen@dodmerb.tma.osd.mil. I can assist you better from there.
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