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    Education Delay for Physical Therapy

    This is all great information! She understands that taking this route is a big risk which is why she is looking at altenative career paths in the service in the event she is not selected o changes her mind about DPT school. She can always do her time and pay for the DPT afterward if necessary...
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    Education Delay for Physical Therapy

    Thanks so much, Pima, for the very helpful advice. I have taken her on a number of college tours over the past year. However, at the time of those tours (most were during Spring Break of her sophomore year), she was thinking more along the lines of military nursing, which would have been a...
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    Education Delay for Physical Therapy

    We really would appreciate any information. She wants to serve her country and fully understands she will do so pursuant to the needs of the service. She is looking at all the various career paths each branch offers to prepare herself when the time comes if she does not get her first choice or...
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    Education Delay for Physical Therapy

    My daughter is a junior in high school contemplating ROTC but wants to become a Physical Therapist. Do the Army, AF and Navy all offer education delay for pursuit of the DPT? I know the Army does but not sure about others? If the other services offer it, are there differences in the way each...
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    Do colleges take into account that you have a ROTC schlrship for admissions purposes?

    There is no absolute answer to the question. It varies from school to school. The party line is that the admissions process is completely separate and independent from the ROTC selection process. However, there were some colleges my son applied to where the unit representative informed us...
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    NROTC Scholarship

    This is somewhat of a surprise to me. Much like kgrmom stated, we attended Freshman NROTC Orientation at my son's school a couple of weeks ago and the CO made it clear that switching from Tier 1 to Tier 2 or vice versa was not a problem but that if you wanted to switch to a Tier 3, that was...
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    NROTC Initial Training?

    The units we have dealt with for my son have the new freshmen show up for NROTC Orientation a week before classes start. It will not likely be quite like basic training but I am sure there will be significant physical aspects to the orientation week. The unit certainly emphasized strongly the...
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    NROTC scholarship transfer consideration - cost of tuition???

    I have not heard of relative cost being a factor. We were definitely instructed to put a school my son felt comfortable that he could get into as his #1 as the more selective schools do not fill up as quick traditionally. As far as cost goes, my son's #1 was an out-of-state public which he got...
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    Declining Scholarship and re-applying

    Also, has he been in contact with the unit representative at the NROTC Unit at his #1 school. There are times when the CO of the unit can step in and assist at some schools in helping the individual get admitted from the waitlist. Depending on the school, this may or may not work, but if he is...
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    Where is everyone going to college??

    My son is has a NROTC scholarship and will be going to the University of Michigan. GO BLUE!!!
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    Advice with dilemma

    No, I haven't asked about the success rate fo getting a 3-year scholarship. I will look into that but the school in question has a cost of attendance of about $40,000 out of state. I do alright but that's a little steep for us. I guess I could try to get some financial aid for the first year...
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    Advice with dilemma

    While this is a great dilemma to have, it is of concern to us. S has a NROTC scholarship. Recruiter convinced him to put as his #1 school one that he felt very confident that he could get into and then, if he got into a reach school, he could always switch. The #1 school has a summer program...
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    Outstanding as always!!

    Sorry, I meant DD2368 letter. A little bit of dyslexia creeping in.
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    Outstanding as always!!

    I just wanted to take a moment to say, as so many others have, what a pleasant and painless experience it has been working with Mr. Mullen and the DODMERB staff. If , as I have seen in other posts, it is accurate that the website saying that a DD2863 status letter was sent means that my son is...
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    Those of you who have recieved scholarships......

    My son just received a 4-year NROTC scholarship. His stats are 4.0 weighted GPA, probably around a 3.6 unweighted, 31 ACT, 1310/1600 SAT, 660 Math, 650 CR. I was eight years on active duty and have been a naval reservist for ten years. I cannot say with certainty that my status as a veteran...