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    Rejection from USNA 2022

    No harm, no foul! I guess it's true that every case is different. I can't speak for NAPS. I can only speak for the Foundation prep experience which changed the life of our family dramatically. Mid sip now attends the prep school my DD chose for her gap year. Prior to Foundation offer we didn't...
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    Rejection from USNA 2022

    My DD was a Foundation student. She had one B+ in high school (AP CHEM), graduated 6th in her class etc, etc. Her prep school year was such a blessing and she will be forever grateful for the Foundation to have had a gap year to take other classes like AP BC Calc and AP Mechanical Physics. She...
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    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread

    Have not been on the forum in ages, but for some reason I am thinking about my old friend MurftheSurf. I've lost track of his 3/C son, but hope he has had a good year at USNA. What a friend Murf became in the whole admission process and how I would love to have him around to share this great...
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    Anyone else have this I day experience?

    This is parental training for the call in February (dark ages) when the buzz of the Academy has slightly worn down, it's dark at 4:30PM and school is hard. Your confidence in him is much more helpful than your sorrow of the situation.
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    I think of Murf almost every day and especially think of his son. Murf was so proud of him. We missed each other on I-Day and decided that we'd definitely see each other at Herndon. I'll raise a frosty one to him on Monday.
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    Yes, just keep ID's handy (make sure your state issued drivers license is from an approved state--we found passports worked faster). You'll need to go on and off the yard several times just to drop off the swag from the Midstore! Last year the store ran out of the totes with the names of all of...
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    Possible Dis enrollment

    Humey provided enough cover for you. Lol!
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    Describe the admissions process in three words

    Forum Fellowship Godsend
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    Possible Dis enrollment

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    Possible Dis enrollment

    God bless you. Sometimes raising kids is fraught with anger, astonishment and general head shaking. BUT--she is not in trouble for being honest. She is in trouble for taking a chance and doing something on impulse. Who among us. . . (at least the adults on SAF)
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    Youngster class schedule. Holy Crap!

    I talked to a dad whose DD was cut from a sport as a plebe and he said after the initial shock wore off she thanked her lucky stars every day. Hats off to plebes who participate in a sport at USNA.
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    Call your Midshipmen Today!

    To escape the wind, we "seat surfed" into a sea of Army fans (pun intended). When it became apparent they were going to win, the Army fans were crying, hugging, jumping etc. My son confessed, "I was hoping Army would win because, honestly, these people were so desperate for a victory." After...
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    Call your Midshipmen Today!

    Sheesh brovol. Nothing like football tix going on sale to bring out the Navy haters. Sad!
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    DD had earliest report time--never thought I would forget it but was it 0615 (?). She slipped into Alumni Hall and I CELEBRATED--spent the morning skipping around the yard-filled with happiness and relief. Launched! DH went straight back to hotel, cried, mourned and missed the marvelous moment...
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    You and your DS have been through a tough go. Looking at your name and wondering if you are/were Navy yourself.