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    Rules surrounding politics on personal social media?

    *Amen ! My rule of thumb, avoid posting anything online that you don't want to read on the front page of the local paper. I
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    Plebe Summer Walk-On

    Reflecting pool. ? ..Rookie stuff. Santee Basin baby ! Funny, I thought I had thrown away my Full Dress Jacket following that swim, but apparently my mother in law saved it.... reappeared in my house about 20 years so many things of that era, it had shrunk considerably.
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    Four '22 Mids Allowed to Pursue Professional Sports

    I've got mixed feelings...I don't disagree with having a pathway to pro sports, but it should be extremely limited. David Robinson is my standard -- he did more for the Naval Academy and US Navy than most individuals who serve their minimum comittment and leave, but he was a very unique case...
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    Plebe Summer Walk-On

    LOL -- everyone learns to march properly during Plebe Summer, but I recall a couple football players in my Company that never marched in another Prade until their Commissioning Week. I don't recall if they were ever issued a rifle.
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    No Phones Allowed at Graduation?

    Mids ...falling asleep when VIP's are speaking? Can't imagine that would ever happen !:oops:
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    Blue Angels practice postponed

    Wow, I knew Batt Officers were all powerful, but to be able to look into the future (2031) ? No wonder Midshipmen can't get away with anything !;) Great video ! Selection is very competitiv for both O's and E's. I've read articles about the standards they set for themselves to maintain the...
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    I Day Vaccination Question

    My advice (as always) -worry about what you can control. You will get shots, you will have PEP and get PT'd, and nobody is going to be looking at the clock to see if its been XXX minutes since you had shots (unless of course, the Dr.'s recommend waiting, in which case it will be built into the...
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    USNA Class of 2026 Appointment List: Self-Maintained and DIY

    That is an incorrect statement -- there is typically a date given for acceptance. If you fail to accept on time, USNA may take that as a decline and make another offer. (Keep in mind, it is not always a one for one decline/new offer, as USNA plans for some number of offers to be declined)...
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    Is that a permanent thing now ? Used to be between 3/c and 2/c, but I know there was a change a couple years ago to accomodate the lost year due to COVID (Summer 2020). Would love to hear from current Midshipman on the new Summer training -- have we lost Youngster cruise completely ?
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    Blue Angels practice postponed

    Fuel to Noise conversion at its best !
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    Blue Angels practice postponed

    It always clears for graduation ! Threatened rain all of our Commissioning Week,. My Dad always told the story of his contingency plan if we had to move indoors -- I think we were all allotted 4 tickets in the event of indoor graduation, and I had a minimum of 5 needed (Mom, Dad, Fiance and...
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    Wordle 339 4/6 ⬜🟨⬜⬜⬜ 🟨🟩🟨⬜⬜ 🟩🟩⬜⬜⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Back on the Board... I got skunked yesterday. (Probably because I didn't really have time to think about it,...just kinda threw some words in)
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    Roller coaster II: Get Me (The Parent) Through Plebe Year Class of ‘25 🎢

    Correct--probably in Reef Points somewhere !
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    USNA Class of 2026 Appointment List: Self-Maintained and DIY

    I don't know if we need to ask people for a reason, but I would be curious to see where they are going instead. For years, I've heard from USNA (and reposted here from time to time) that USNA loses more to the Ivy leagues than USMA or USAFA. That is likely true nationwide, but my experience...
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    Herndon Climb Class of 2025

    Of course..but all that gets thrown away ! One of the things that amazes me is how quickly the area around Herndon is refurbished -- I know it probably looked war torn when it ended, but by tomorrow morning you will only be able to tell because of the fresh sod.