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    Letters of Recommendation

    Agree. Is somebody every going to send in a bad letter of recommendation? There is a time, though, when letters should be sent in. This past summer I had a candidate who did an ocean rescue and saved a man from drowning. The captain of the rescue squad sent a detailed account of the...
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    High School Class Rank & GPA

    Underclassmen not allowed to take AP classes is a norm. Not a problem. Take any advanced classes that give your GPA a boost. It will never hurt. Refer to this Admissions Page for good advice on course selection. I would not worry about your HS policies on ranking. The Admission Board is...
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    BGO Interview Question

    Please give your BGO time. He may have other interviews and is waiting to rack and stack all of them or he may be busy. Your interview is not holding up anything in your candidate process. The current hurdle to focus on if you have not received one already is your nomination. Best of luck!
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    Extra Reccomendations

    85 has a good line on extra letters of recommendation. Two additional things to think about when you are asking for extra letters of recommendation. First, the Board knows the letter will say you are a great person, student, athlete, etc. They always state that. After all, you would...
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    STEM 2010

    Both programs are designed to expose prospective candidates to USNA so I wonder how that will play out. STEM is a new Federally supported program USNA implemented last year as a pilot and then more fully rolled out this year. It may become an either/or to broaden candidate base exposure...
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    Food Allergies

    USNA does not accommodate special diets for food allergies, religion of other reasons. If my memory serves me correctly King Hall used to serve fish on Friday evening during Lent but I think that was about the extent of any accommodation and not sure they even do that any more. A food...
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    Wisdom teeth?

    Full dental services will be available to him while attending USNA. He will get a baseline exam done to get him into the system and then it will roll from there. I would say if he has decent teeth save your co-pay.
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    STEM 2010

    The STEM program Application will be available online in early February. Session I: 07-12 JUN for Rising 8th-9th Graders. Session II: 14-19 JUN for Rising 10th Graders. Session III: 21-26 JUN for Rising 11th Graders. Eligibility: The Naval Academy Summer STEM Program is offered to...
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    2010 Naval Academy Summer Seminar

    The 2010 Summer Seminar brochure has been posted. Applications will open February 1, 2010 and selections will be made on a rolling basis. CGO's target is 2,250 prospective candidates during the first three weeks of June.
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    which path is most beneficial?

    That was said much better. :wink:
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    Majors, Tiers?

    In a briefing in August of 2009 to Area Coordinators the USNA Academic Dean stated he has not had to force select majors of rising youngsters and does not anticipate the need to do so in the near future. The midshipmen have tended to break out in the mandated distribution between technical and...
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    USNA CIS Updates

    It can take a few weeks for CGO to update the system. What you are seeing is not atypical. In addition, college students are evaluated separately from high school students and after the first of the year so candidates have an opportunity to submit their first semester college grades. If you...
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    Masters degree

    - An officer's four years at USNA do not count toward retirement. The clock starts on commission day. NAPS time and prior enlisted military service does count and is calculated off an officer's eligible for retirement date, better know as End of Obligated Service (EAOS) date. Example, my class...
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    which path is most beneficial?

    Marvin, agree. Everyone who shows up for flight school gets the same stick between their legs.
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    Wisdom teeth?

    My wisdom teeth stayed with me till I was a Lieutenant. I think what that guidance means is if a candidate is having problems with wisdom teeth get them pulled well before I-Day. The last thing a plebe can afford to have happen is be in the rack during plebe summer nursing four holes in their...