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    Changing nrotc schools

    You should ask that question directly to the unit commanders at the schools you are applying to like we did. This forum can only give you many speculations. Get the right answer directly from the schools and programs you’re applying to. Most we spoke to said that transferring is normally granted...
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    Choosing a major for NROTC You can see AFROTC Type 2 only pays $18,000 Scholarship. That is partial tuition to most top private schools that costs $50,000 per year on tuition alone. It is only and fraction of what is needed to pay full tuition. However, depending on detachments...
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    3q, loe and no nomination yet

    Have your daughter contact her RC and ask about her standing. They will not tell her if she will or will not get an Appointment. But RC normally tell you if she has strong chance or not. If not her RC will recommend to do something to still improve her package. She looks great but someone else...
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    Choosing a major for NROTC

    Furthermore, T2 Navy Scholarship is partial Tuition to private schools and T2, T7 Air Force Scholarships are also partial scholarship to private schools. So you will need to find in State college to enroll to match your full tuition. Even Army Scholarship is similar. Your scholarship award...
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    Choosing a major for NROTC

    JMiller9. I think Mnoopk said it more eloquently here with his advise. You should really follow your heart and not the forum advise to fit your formula. We can only advise you based on what we know from our own experience. And some of us can be wrongly advising you to pursue something you are...
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    Does the portal report both SAT and ACT scores?

    Like to suggest you follow up with your local NROTC Rep once every 7-10 Days for an update. But don’t push them too much. They are under a lot of stress with deadlines.
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    Does the portal report both SAT and ACT scores?

    It takes awhile for the score to be updated and scored. They will take the best one from your test score inventory. Usually only one rep you deal with in your region. He/she coordinates on your behalf. Be patient scores will come around. I don’t know your DD overall package other than what you...
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    Does the portal report both SAT and ACT scores?

    NROTC will take the highest scores and equalize to SAT norm. Only send your ACT. Don’t send your SAT, your ACT is superior. You will see a nice surprise on the NROTC Portal. Nice job on ACT.
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    Candidate with ties to SA versus no ties

    Relying on Legacy is a tricky business so I wouldn’t bet too much hope on legacy. If everything being equal, yes likely legacy wins. But that is one look none of us will have. Some schools place legacy more Important than others. Many schools with legacy pull have financial ties to legacy or...
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    Requesting Help for DS - SAT vs. ACT

    Understood! There are many variables and no one candidates are alike and no districts are equal. So readers should determine with their own assessments with all posts. I posted it many times on my threads that I don’t express the views of the SAs nor do I claim to. I only express my opinion...
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    Diversity and First Generation

    Goarmy2023 asked if Asian American first generation college bound can help in Admissions decision and Appointment. The responses are no being an Asian American doesn’t give you special look but first generation college bound can.
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    deadline for 2019 graduate

    GPA not as important. But class rank is. Your GPA should be calculated on Unweighted without rounding to nearest tenth. So if 3.99 that is 3.9 not 4.0. Good luck.
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    deadline for 2019 graduate

    Apply to first round board is in aug-early Sep. First Round is in Sep/Oct. 10-15% get awarded then. And upto 3rd round in March. With composite 31/32 you can get 4 year full ride to all ROTC. Hit or Surpass ACT M32, E32 for the Navy.
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    Question about Summer Seminar requirements

    Haha. You’re fine. They accept visions 20/400
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    Choosing a major for NROTC

    Here’s my suggestion. If you don’t have strong test scores Tier 3 Non Science Full Scholarship is not recommended. To have more certainty you should compete with at least SAT Math 700+ and Verbal 750 or ACT E32, M30 for T3 Award. T1 and T2 are STEM and T2 is partial. If you must have...