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    NROTC Status

    Unless something has changed from 4 years ago, the application package needs to end up in Pensacola with NETC. That is where the boards are held. At least pre-COVID. I don't remember it going to CNRC, but that may be a change or I may be forgetting that step. Sounds to me like the...
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    As I recall, for Navy option, awards from each board seem to come out the same day. If you are not awarded a scholarship on a board, there will be no change on your portal and you will not receive any notification. You application will be considered again the next board. The first board tends...
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    Reusing Essays From Last Year (NROTC)

    In another post you mentioned you decision to take a gap year due to the COVID situation and some family issues, I believe. Those could potentially factor into the challenges faced question.
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    Navy ROTC Application Deadline & Timing

    Definitely not too late to apply. It sounds like there has only been one board held so far. I believe the deadline in years past has been in January, but check current deadlines. As far as how your decision to decline the scholarship will affect your application this year, no one knows. You...
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    NROTC 1/c lasik/PRK

    I'd imagine the reason for the difference is that USNA mids are considered active duty and NROTC mids are not. And if the USNA mida are able to get this done free of charge, They probably do not have the same page 13 referenced and face payback because, they would be assigned to have the...
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    I can't see myself in a sub.

    SWO(N) does as well.
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    I can't see myself in a sub.

    Did those mids list subs somewhere on their preference sheet, even if it was listed as a low choice? Previous threads on this topic seem to hold that if subs is not listed on your sheet, you won't be assigned subs, but that listing it in your preferences anywhere can be seen as "volunteering"...
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    Assuming he is Navy option, it should fall somewhere in the dates of on of the Phases 0-3 at that top, could be any of those phases. Staff usually try to work with mids to schedule dates that work best for the mid,, but no guarantees, especially now. If Marine option, look at the OCS dates.
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    That is so beautiful it made my cry just a little.
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    New Naval ROTC Preparatory Program (NPP) @ Notre Dame

    Yes, this just started and sounds like it could be a good opportunity for those with good leadership potential, but may need some academic improvement and support. Notre Dame is one of a handful of universities participating in this program...
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    Was there any mention of Sea Trials? A couple years ago the plan was to make it mandatory for rising 2/c, but most sessions keep getting cancelled, so I'm curious if it is going away after a very short lifespan.
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    Summer 2021 Training Dates NROTC

    Enjoyable, informative, enlightening, beneficial; yes. Essential; no. remember, only scholarship mids go to CORTRAMID even in normal years. Lots of mids have made service selections through the years without attending CORTRAMID. You will have briefs over the years in NROTC and likely visits...
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    Summer 2021 Training Dates NROTC

    Your unit staff will have the answer to that, eventually. I would expect not though, as that would basically double the slots needed for this training and you will hopefully have your own 2/c cruise and maybe Sea Trials if that is still going to be a thing. The cost and logistics would seem to...
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    2025 State Nominations Thread

    You get what you pay for.
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    NROTC and MO

    As far as I remember, I think things changed for Marine option where college freshmen could not re-apply for the 4 year scholarship, but Navy option still could. I could be wrong, or that could have changed. OP, check on that yourself if you want to know for sure, but just know any NROTC...