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    Midshipman 1/C Sam Monella 2020

    Heard all KP EMTs were on standby with a second ambulance. Just in case...
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    USMMA Indoc day prep

    Our DS arrived at indoc still dating his high school girlfriend. It was tough on the relationship with the restrictions on communications, as Mr2020 referred to. They exchanged letters over the summer, until she left for college in RI. Then reality set in. College life at a SA is nothing like...
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    Recognition for the Class of 2022

    Congrats to the class of 2022! A day you'll never forget....
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    Did you visit??

    Here's how things worked out for our DS (2021). We visited USMA first, than USCGA. Were working on scheduling a visit to USMMA when he received his appointment. Not wanting to press his luck, he accepted the appointment to KP, and then went for a day visit/tour. Seeing the campus and attending...
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    All of the new Plebe supplies (personal gear, laptop, printer, etc) that you purchase ahead of time will be delivered to your Plebe in their room, or will be picked up somewhere on campus. You won't get anything early. All part of the fun... : )
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    ...What they said. No watch during Indoc. DS used a cheapo for the remainder of Plebe year. We got him a nice G-Shock as a gift after finishing first year, in preparation for first sea tour. He loved it.
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    USMMA - A split vs B split

    Our DS (2021) does not play any sports, but chose B split in order to be home for the holidays. We're from NJ, so he was home for the holidays without too much trouble. Also keep in mind that after plebe year, many upperclassman are assigned to work Indoc for incoming plebes, so not much of a...
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    Moved to Hold Status

    RS2023: Don't give up hope, but have a solid back-up plan just in case. Our DS received his Hold Status right around this time also. Didn't hear anything for the longest time, and in a competitive state like NJ, was beginning to lose faith. Actually ended up accepting an AROTC scholarship to...
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    Kings Pointers Involved in Rescue Operation

    For those considering applying to/attending USMMA, read this news release from The Sea Year Program is what sets this Service Academy apart from all others. Nowhere else will you get the real-life, hands-on experiences that will prepare you for life after college, whether it's...
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    Hold Candidate ??

    Our DS (2021) returned from his first sea year last month. He boarded his ship in Anchorage, circumnavigated the globe, and finished up in Texas. We tracked him the whole way using Marine Traffic, and it worked perfectly. Could even set up alerts when he arrived in port, and his noon position...
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    Good Luck to the Class of 2022

    Thanks cousmma. I knew someone on this forum would hook me up. Be KP!
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    Good Luck to the Class of 2022

    Has anyone seen the 2018-19 Regimental Calendar yet? Nothing on the website that I can find. DS is currently at sea, somewhere in the Gulf of Alaska, and kind of "out-of-touch". Don't want to miss any KP happenings while he's away..... Thanks!
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    IPad allowed?

    Thank you for bringing us back on point. Bring your graphics calculator and your cell phone. Next question...
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    Class of 2022 Be Ready

    Based upon conversations with our own DS (2021) and a few of his classmates, Indoc is tough, but certainly not impossible. Get in shape physically, and prepare yourself mentally and you'll get through it. Plebe candidates who report on Zero Day overweight or out of shape probably won't last...
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    Happy days

    Was discussing Helis with our DS (2021) just last week. He said that, as awful as Helis was for USMMA, they couldn't just get rid of him without some SERIOUS infraction. More likely, he explained, would be for MARAD to "promote" him somewhere, where he would be someone else's problem. And look...