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  • I will be adding you to my prayer list. I really do understand all of the anxiety and stress. My DS received his BFE on March 1, and he received his medical waiver (which he needed in order to be accepted) on March 2. The work, the stress, and the waiting for this answer was truly unimaginable, other than to other parents who have been in the same boat with us. I have not remembered a more challenging year. I will be praying for a BFE for your DS, as I know the agony of this trial. I think that there are many different ways that the future cadets are notified. My DS receive his BFE and the next day, he got news of his medical waiver being granted. I hope to hear GREAT NEWS for your son too!!! My best to you, batmom
    Wow I was under the same impression that TWE came out after BFE's. Good luck to all waiting. My DS has plan B to attend his next choice for a year then do this all over again..I am slightly a mess.I do not want to do this all over again.. oh yea it's his life I am just the stalker mom.
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