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    Thayer Hotel Aug 17-20

    Is the hotel booked?
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    Rejection from West Point...

    You have to look at the whole person, not just the ACT score. I'm sure you are talking about my DS who got into USMAPS with a 27 ACT/1230 SAT, 3.8 GPA, but that is his only weak spot and that is why he was admitted. He attends a very competitive department of defense school in Germany made up of...
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    USMAPS 2019 Appointment Thread

    My DS is looking to connect with some USMAPS cadets. He is the only one of his friends going to the prep school at WP. Several of his friends are going to the Academy and to civil prep, but none to USMAPS. His will be a professor at USMA starting in June and we lived there for 5 years when he...
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    Relationship Advice

    The only concern that I would have is that if he does tell her and the feelings are mutual, the emotions could distract him from the task at prepare himself for USNA. My DS is going to USMAPS and has purposely not gotten emotionally involved with a girl for this reason. He does not...
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    USMAPS 2019 Appointment Thread

    Congratulations!! There are now 3 of you going!!
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    USMAPS 2019 Appointment Thread

    No he's not at this point. He'll join the track team at USMAPS and if he breaks 50 on his 400 then they will look at him.
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    what does HOLD mean??? is this good or bad????

    Anyone else still on Hold?
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    Got accepted into the SS, need help paying?

    DS got accepted to USMA Summer Seminar and we booked his ticket from NY to FL. Then found out one week late he got accepted to NASS. We had to eat the flight and book another flight so that he could go to both back to back. That was quite expensive without having budgeted for it. The things we...
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    USAFA Prep School Class of 2019?

    My DS was actually very happy to get USMAPS over a direct appointment and would have even chosen it over any other direct appointment. He spent 5 years of his life at USMA when his dad was an admissions officer. It's always been home to my kids even though we have lived in Germany for 7 years...
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    Ah Ok. We have the candidate portal link saved so this way brings us to the same place. Still CPR:-(
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    What about prep school? Do those offers come later than the 15th?
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    Home of Record

    Thank you! I guess we'll ask his RC, I'm sure this is not an uncommon occurrence.
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    We are in Europe too. Guess we'll have to wait.
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    Still CPR anyone in the same boat?

    Still CPR here.
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    USNA or MIT

    My friends' (also my children's Godparents) daughter is trying to decided between USMA and MIT AROTC. She still has not decided, but it seems like the same scenario. The camaraderie and the bonds formed from the SA experience are wonderful and she can always choose MIT for graduate school...