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    Does the Academy superscore ACT??

    So.... if I'm reading your post right, for a mere ten bucks you'll have a super-scored ACT breakdown of... Math 34 English 33 Science 35 Reading 33 One thing that should be obvious: the academies are not looking at SAT/ACT composite scores as "better...
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    Does the Academy superscore ACT??

    You send in the scores via the testing service (ie, they go to the academy officially). While they have all the scores from every test, they only consider the highest score in each segment. Calling the admissions counselor is a good idea but I believe that's the answer you'll get. Good luck...
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    Letters of Reccomendation

    tgfalcon17 As Pdub points out, the letters of recommendation are not required, and obviously are not needed to attain an appointment. But, they are an opportunity not to be missed -- and many candidates miss the statement you reference. I think you should not worry about a "format." Read...
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    Possible flu outbreak at USAFA BCT class

    It's important to remember the basics are not "quarantined" and those with "flu-like symptoms" are, at best "isolated." Everything official put out by the Academy said the rationale was to limit the threat of exposure to the community -- basics going in every direction -- and that old cadre...
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    Finances as a 4 degree

    Once you get the hang of the scanner, it's quick, simple and easy. You'll wonder why "everyone" doesn't do it like that.
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    Picking an Army Reserve Unit

    It really comes down to a couple of things -- how (a) close you are to (b) one that does what you want to do. "Close" because you have to make the drills. While some air guard pilots may be in a unit several hundred miles away, they are usually commercial airline pilots who can ride a...
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    Another Medal of Honor recepient's view of Torture

    Maybe those fingers he spoke about being "rolled up into a little ball" are having a difficult time hitting the keys on the key board. Think about it.
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    Nominations questions

    fruitytooty Look at the top of this forum for the sticky "Congressional Nomination Guide." Read that first and most of your questions -- including the ones you've just asked -- will be answered.
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    What are my chances of being accepted?

    Yes. Debate is something that will serve you well in life. Plus, if your school participates in meets, it helps you with learning to think on your feet. Another option would be the yearbook if you can get to be an editor of some piece of it since that is a leadership EC (being a editor, not...
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    Can People List their qualifications that got them into the Acadamey?

    Matthew, don't feel bad. Just some joshing. The folks above have given you solid advice and excellent suggestions. Keep working on them, don't lose your enthusiasm, and with your practice (CFA) and hard work (academics, sports, ec's) you'll be fine. Good luck!
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    Cross Commissioning

    Two points -- because jbrown is spot-on. First, every 11Bravo (the US Army Infantry MOS) has the ability to "pull the trigger" without asking for permission. The "rules" are all decided before you ever get into the situation, as jbrown describes. It is the backbone of our Services from...
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    LITS, I hope you will stay engaged. I think you contribute much to this forum, even if only to help educate young soph-jr level high-school students become aware that there is more than traditional military service and that there are more than "three" service academies. Just the recent...
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    Looking for Advice

    Which service do you want to go to after an academy? If you want Air Force, then use your Falcon Foundation scholarship. If you want Navy, it sounds like your ODU plan is the best. Good luck.
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    Plan B?

    Hmmm... you know your local situation... so "lay low" if you want. Maybe you have younger siblings coming through the system. But on the other hand, you might ask for a meeting with the administration. For example, if all students who meet certain criteria (set by the State of Florida, I...
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    Can People List their qualifications that got them into the Acadamey?

    ds52262 I think it's important to add and emphasize that your daughter and every other person at USAFA didn't fill a particular "slot" (ie. "female slot"). There are no "quotas" for any particular race, color, gender, or any other similar classification.