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Jun 20, 2013
    1. rgtx2017
      Hello Mark,

      We are in Southeast Texas in a small town near Beaumont. I did not realize the office was moving so that does explain why there might be a delay. Can only imagine what a huge task that must be especially during this busy time of year!

      Congratulations on your daughter's appointment! I am sure Texas will be well represented on I Day and hope we can meet in the near future. Thanks for your encouragement.
    2. TexasBG
      Hi. I am BGO in the Dallas area, where are you located? I personally think you will get BFE soon. My past LoA's have always recieved the BFE soon after the medical waiver comes through. on a side note they dont even intiate a waiver unless they want the student, so that should ease some a anxiety. Might be a delay is since the office is moving. My daughter is a member of class of 2017, so look forward to seeing you on Iday. Please call if you want to discuss anything else, 214-450-1041,

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