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  • Hi! I was wondering if your son would be able to give mine a call. He is freshman mid at FSU and it has been a terrible experience and he wants to quit altogether and give up his scholarship.He feels that it won't be better anywhere else. I'd love for him to talk to someone before he walks away from this opportunity to hopefully get a clear picture of what it's like at Auburn.
    I'm sure he could do this - if he could have a few days to time it best with his class/test schedule. what is your son's contact info?
    Oh thank you! Sorry for the delay -- I didn't see a notice that you had answered. He is so conflicted about what to do. His name is Hunter and his number is 904-707-3989. I would be very grateful to your son. Thanks
    I've noticed you on the USNA forums. My son is also interested in the USNA or NROTC/MO. We currently live in Broken Arrow (the big city), but I too have roots in rural Oklahoma. I grew up in Buffalo in NW OK. I had a graduating class of 34, while my son has a graduating class of over 1200. Anyway good luck on your journey.
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