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    '23 here. The trend I saw last summer concerning food was that the women gained weight and the men lost weight. Obviously this doesn't...
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    s-xuer replied to the thread Height/Wt for USMA.
    I don't have direct experience with this, but someone I know who is also appointed for this year is out of the ht/wt standard. Back in...
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    s-xuer reacted to USMA2025Cadet's post in the thread R-Day Announcement ‘24 Pending with Like Like.
    Got this from a cadet at USMA.... looks like it'll be sectioned off by company, if this is accurate.
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    s-xuer replied to the thread Piano.
    At SLE last yr, there was a old upright piano in one of the company rooms on the first floor of Sherman Barracks. I'm not sure, but I...