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    Grayback Submarine Discovery/Location- Last Combat Mission January 1944 The Grayback is the last resting place of 80 men, including the 2 mentioned in the story. The photo is of William Charles Roy, Jr. of Ft. Wayne, Indiana; USNA Class of December, 1941.
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    My Plebe Has Thoughts of Leaving USNA

    My understanding is the Dark Ages are that time basically between about Halloween and the end of February- when it is getting dark at 4: 30 in the afternoon and daylight is very short. That is also about the time when the academic load hits extremely hard and heavy. FWIW, DS is a firstie and for...
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    Service Selection

    I think it was on the news that one of those selected for med school was the future Dr. Malcolm Perry. Congratulations to him!!!! Not only for that, but for yesterday's game result. :)
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    What constitutes a candidate for prep school?

    DS spent a year at one of the prep schools because our state has a Pentagon-wide reputation of the poor quality of high schools in our city.
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    Academy Day This Weekend - Question about Dress

    A couple of years ago in the west, mine wore khakis and a collared shirt, as did most of the other males. Several young men wore a suit and tie. The young women were mostly wearing conservative dresses or skirts with a conservative top. Then there were a few that showed up in a t-shirt and...
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    Graduate, But Not Commission?

    At USNA, if a firstie graduates, but is not commissioned for medical reasons, is that person assigned to a land position rather than at sea,? Do they serve their obligation entirely in the Navy Reserves for a longer period than 5 years?
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    Bruce Fleming saga cont.

    He is an English professor.
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    First Reaction When Your DS/DD Decided to Apply?

    I also told my mid that he needed a Plan B. He basically said " No, I don't. I'm going to make sure I am one of the ones who gets in."
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    First Reaction When Your DS/DD Decided to Apply?

    From the time he was about halfway through 7th grade, all he talked about was applying for and going to USNA. I knew very little about USNA, other than it was in Maryland and they have far more applicants every year than they do spots. My over-riding fear for six years was " What will he do if...
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    USNA Plebe Computer Equipment

    Brand new state of the art laptops. Plebes are allowed a few hours to set them up, make sure they work properly, etc. Then the equipment is repacked in the boxes, collected and it will be reissued right before ac year starts. Serial numbers are recorded so that each plebe...
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    Visit to The USNA

    Iron Rooster, Cantler's for seafood, and the naval museum on the Yard for history buffs. We spent 2 hours in the museum and still didn't see all the exhibits on the history of the Navy. There is a charming little coffee shop in DTA (hope it is still there) that allows Annapolis residents to...
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    Your Mid and Their Blood Type.....

    Just a heads up- when your mid reaches the summer before their firstie year, they are asked what their blood type is on one of the forms they fill out for Leatherneck. That the mid is filling out at 5 a.m. East Coast time on their way to Leatherneck. And you, as a parent, have no clue what...
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    Mid store shopping before and on I Day

    BTW, pack a large empty duffel type bag (or two, or three) to hold your purchases on the way back home after I -day.
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    Israeli Army Recruits Autistic Teens for Elite Intelligence Squad- Idea For Pentagon? This article caught my eye. This Israeli division sounds amazing in helping protect Israeli soldiers and Israelis. I wonder if the Pentagon has such a division for the armed forces or has ever thought about creating...
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    Pre-Plebe Summer Training Suggestions

    Now is the time to break in at least one new pair of running shoes (two pair if your budget allows.) Wear one pair to I-day. Have your parents send you the second pair about halfway through PS. During PPW, you will probably need another pair.