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    Split Option

    If you enter any officer commisioning program, i.e. USMA, ROTC, OCS, you will be able to neg out of your enlisted contract. As far as I know, ROTC programs have no problem picking up split opt, or any other enlisted, guys. That being said, this is the Army. Say you do split opt, you finish...
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    Split Option

    I did the split opt back in 2000 when I first applied to USMA. I knew it was a way to get a nomination, but I also wanted to experience some life on the enlisted side. I'm glad I had the experience, and your commander simply has to fill out a DA form, and that will count as a nomination...
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    Ranger Camp

    yeah, Moutain Phase of Ranger School is pretty much the worst experience on the face of this planet, I would not wish it on anyone.
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    Military Art & Science

    Being a double major is extremley difficult, and if you plan on majoring in engineering, I doubt possible. I was a history major, but all my friends who were any type of engineering had a solid 19-22 credit hour semester every year; there are so many mandatory courses that you really dont have...
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    Airborne School

    In the Army, a lot of it depends on what type of unit you are in; for the most part, I can only speak from my experience as an Infantry Officer (and as an 06 grad and I know things have changed so I might be a bit dated). I will limit the discussion to schools that were open to cadets when I...
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    Airborne School

    honestly, try to go for something like moutain warfare or northern warfare or Sandhurst that you will not be likely to get in the Army. I dogged on Air Assault a lot as a cadet, but unless you're in the 101st you stand a hard chance of getting it. There are many options, find whats best for...
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    Airborne School

    A word of warning on going to Airborne School as a cadet: If you're going to be a branch that will send you anyways as an Officer, ie Infantry, do not go as a cadet. Airborne school is not that difficult to get slots for as an officer, and there are so many other schools that you will get the...
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    Yet Another Boot Question

    I"ve been wearing the Belleville 390 DES in Iraq for a year now, including a trip to JRTC and 8 months in Baghdad, and they are simply a superb boot. I didnt do anything special to break them in and they never gave me problems. Gortex might not be a bad idea for the winters at USMA, but you...
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    If you accept the Cow Loan, you will have to have you pay deposited into a USAA account, its like the only thing you have to do. I cant stress how great USAA is, their credit card is like the best there is, the have great insurance rates, low interest rates on loans, great investments...
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    The name rings a bell but not from Campbell I dont think. I was only there for like 2 months when you factor in JRTC and block leave, before I deployed.
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    For my year group (2006), the secretary of the Army denied all cross comissions, but in the end I think 4 ended up geting into the AF, but yeah, it's damn near impossible and I wouldnt count on it. I do, however, know a fair ammount of USAFA grads who wound up as Infantry Officers in the Army...
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    In need of your opinion...

    I would be very careful about ECP. That commision is only good for the Guard/Reserves. They tell you you can go active after you graduate with your bachelors, but I have a few friends who they will not let out of the Guard to go active. Also, quite frankly, you're really not ready to be an...
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    Here to help answer questions

    I honestly dont exactly know what qualifies you for civil prep, but I belief you are fully qualified with a nomination and would normally gain acceptance but there are too many other candidates who are "more" qualified than you are. It is my understanding that civil prep usually goes to those...
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    Sorry to bring up and old thread, but I had a company mate (class of 2006) whose father won the CMH in Vietnam and got his appointment through it. He was a great guy who worked his *** off but struggled with grades and left yuk because of it, but later went on to ROTC to commision. But yeah...
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    What is it like?

    exactly, it all depends on the Company. My Plebe year company was chill. My company the rest of the time started off kind of hot and really died off over the three years. You'll see that. When I was a plebe, everyone feared H3, when I was a firstie, there really were no feared companies. It...