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    MSNBC Chris Matthews = Idiot

    There were very few cross-admits between SAs and HYP this year. It is a fallacy that SA matriculates are turning down Ivies in droves. It might make you mad to hear that - but it's better to draw conclusions based on actual outcomes. I have yet to meet or hear of an (N,A,AF)ROTC student at...
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    Marine OCS- "It's supposed to be Hard"

    Your son should be proud. Thank him for me
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    Academy vs. ROTC

    I was just talking to a mid who is concerned about a "draft" at USNA for subs. I don't know of any similar practices within NROTC for filling sub slots at service selection time. That may a consideration for your son.
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    How comparable is JO pay to a civilian career?

    Amazingly, ROTC students from College U also have jobs waiting for them upon graduation.
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    ROTC Ranger Challenge -a few Q's

    It was a TWENTY pounder! Flat-rate, of course. :shake:
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    ROTC Ranger Challenge -a few Q's

    GULP :eek: High-calorie box going out tomorrow!
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    ROTC Ranger Challenge -a few Q's

    If you or your child have done Ranger Challenge please offer your insight. When and where is it this year? Is it a national event or are there regional events? What events are in the competition? Do participants compete in every event or just their best ones? Are spectators...
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    Ever wonder what the cockpit looks like?

    Thanks, Luigi, for posting that page. I forwarded the link to people I know will appreciate it, as well.
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    Duke ROTC video

    While randomly looking through Duke's website to get a sense of the university I found this interesting page. Follow Duke's link after that. Duke seems pleased to be the university chosen to be highlighted in this...
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    Story on increasing ROTC enrollment numbers

    Geez, Pima. Good posts as always! :smile: Especially that advice. Just to clarify. For ROTC - it's 4 active and 4 reserve isn't it? 8 from winging for naval aviators - all active? I don't know what the sub commitment is. Is that correct?
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    Room and Board

    Vanderbilt offered an additional $3000 towards room and board for (N)ROTC scholarship recipients this past year (2009).
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    Welcome! From your screen name I'm guessing you are (or represent) the PMS at Cornell. I'm glad you're here. What a valuable asset to students and parents who are interested in ROTC at Cornell.
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    NROTC Scholarship Strategy - What to List

    NROTCDAD55 In my humble opinion your NROTC strategy is sound. The units at elite universities rarely fill to capacity. We just went through this again this past year. If they do then your daughter would be able to pick up her scholarship with the help of her unit at mid -year. NROTC...
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    Presentation of ROTC Scholarship?

    Cycling - you HAVE been awarded the scholarship so definitely mention it. Most students are eventually successful in getting the scholarship transferred. Even if it is after they matriculate. I just feel like mentioning this to the NROTC scholarship recipients. The Navy generally takes a...
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    NROTC at Holy Cross

    Holy Cross NEAR Boston? There fixed it. Holy Cross NROTC is cross-town to BU. Take it away, Bruno.