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    Is it too late to try to apply?

    You won’t know unless you try. Get your apps in ASAP as I believe you only have a couple weeks left. State school and reapplying is not a bad backup plan.
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    COVID, Thanksgiving and the SAT

    1. You do not know OP’s family or place of residence, yet you choose to criticize him or her publicly based on guidance that isn’t legally binding. 2. Hmmmm......
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    Humor for my Navy and Marine friends

    Shirt stays for vertically challenged sailors.
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    The Gunsmith Thread

    @THParent Do you have any experience with Retay firearms? The Masai Mara 12 gauge auto-loader is on my short list but I haven't gotten my hands on one yet. I plan on shooting an acquaintance's when I get home but am looking for any advice in the meantime.
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    Old Goats Club

    Sir, I've only seen references to the "Old Goats Club" on Instagram, although I wouldn't be surprised if they existed else (probably facebook) as well. I believe its just an informal group providing some sort of direction to a multitude of Old Grads who want to do something kind for the Brigade...
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    Old Goats Club

    I was contacted by the Old Goat who had my PO box AND he was also in my company!
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    I can't see myself in a sub.

    You're essentially correct. However, it is nearly impossible to NOT have Subs in your top 5 if you don't qualify for some screener-required service.
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    What Should I Say to My ALO

    I’d recommend relating your reliance on primary resources rather than a reliance on SAF.
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    The Gunsmith Thread

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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    @justdoit19 I'm pretty sure that qualifies as a salad if you sauté some onions and throw them on top.
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    Shoot...COVID strikes Navy football.

    We're probably not leaving the yard till Army/Navy.
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    Mid asks judge to block removal

    @cb7893 I'm no pilot, but this article has a bit more information.
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    USNA Brigade Commander

    She’s an all around stud! It’s nice to know the brigade will be in good hands next semester.
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    Advice for Senior Year Schedule

    Having taken Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics will benefit you at USNA. My advice as a current youngster: 1. Look into which classes you can validate with AP scores. Take those, knock the tests out of the park, and instantly be ahead at USNA...
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    What does the star on top of the anchor on the SDB mean?

    Stars and awards absolutely are required uniform items. Albeit, a never enforced required item. Technically, missing awards should go towards failing an inspection.