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    AROTC Aviation

    Yes, I agree! I would love to fly but would also be totally fine with a ground job! I don't plan to go career so from my understanding I would spend a good amount of time flying early on, and maybe my last couple years not so much, which would be fine with me.
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    AROTC Aviation

    Hi all! I am interested in branching aviation. What is the time commitment? I would love to fly but am also cautious to extend my time in, given that at 20/21 it is a lot to commit to. Thanks!
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    Application Status?

    So that means simply means my file hasn’t been fully reviewed yet? I got an update on 7/10 with a letter saying I was competitive but I didn’t get moved to candidate status. I guess what I’m asking is what the difference between competitive applicant and candidate?
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    Application Status?

    I am a first time college applicant to USAFA and put in my PCQ. I submitted it 7/7/18. My portal reads: Your Status: Applicant* (your application is under consideration) Your Application is: Competitive Last reviewed on 7/9/2018 Submitted on: 7/7/2018 What does this mean? What is a...
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    @Wishful is very correct about last minute appointments— my dad received his three days before. That being said, this is very unique, but does happen.
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    College GPA

    Hi all! I am currently in ROTC at a civilian college and am applying to USAFA because I have decided that I want a 24/7 military environment. For my college expierence, I would like to be surrounded with people who value and live a similar lifestyle to what I live. I am finishing up my freshman...
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    Can AROTC nominate to USAFA & USNA?

    Question says it all. My AROTC professor has said he will nominate me for all 3, as I requested, but we are unclear on whether he can only nominate me to USMA or if he can nominate me to other branches. Thanks!
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    Questions about doolie life

    Ha should have clarified-- definitely not married, lol. (I go to a small Christian college and some of my classmates are-- totally off topic but kind of entertaining.) Is there typicially mandatory weekend training? Or is the weekend more or less "yours"? Also, are there opportunities to be a...
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    Gift for Female overnight visit host

    I went to high school in the area and quite a few of my friends are cadettes at USMA. Any of them would enjoy an American Burrito giftcard, WP pizza, Starbucks, Amazon, etc. & of course brownies and such are good! While a gift is not necessary, if it's something you can do it's always a plus...
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    Questions about doolie life

    For girls who are single going in— will USAFA male cadets date the female cadets?
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    release from ROTC contract for SA? Need a ROO!

    Hi all! I've posted this on the SA board, but figured I could probably get better help here. I'm currently a freshman on a 4 year AROTC scholarship planning to apply for the co 2023 at the Air Force Academy. Long story short, I did not apply for the co 2022. I am aware I would have to start...
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    Army ROTC to USMA

    Hi all! I was interested in what happens if you go from an Army ROTC scholarship to USMA. I'm currently a freshman in college on a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship, meaning that right now I can "get out" free. BUT, I start incurring a service obligation my sophomore year. I'm trying to get a...
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    Army ROTC to USAFA

    Hello all! I'm currently on a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship and am applying for the USAFA co 2023, meaning if I get appointed I will have completed my freshman and sophomore years under the 4 year scholarship. Does a service academy appointment "trump" my ROTC service obligation? I've heard it...
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    SAT "Writing Score"-- Different from Essay?

    Hi all! I am a current high school senior, who will be applying for the class of 2022. Long story short, I didn't apply b/c my parents discouraged me from applying. I'm honestly not sure exactly what I want, but I do know that you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, so in the mean time I'm...
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    Where is Everyone Taking Their ROTC Scholarship?!?!?! (Any Branch)

    4 year Army ROTC scholarship to Wheaton College, where I will also run track and cross country! I am looking forward to the fall. :)