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    Carpools for Appointees Traveling Alone...

    My mom recently attended the Admissions Office parent briefing and Q&A and noted that there are many appointees traveling to Colorado Springs alone this year. Due to Academy rules that prohibit services such as Uber or Lyft from getting on base, she encouraged me to start a thread that may help...
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    What was BCT like for CO 2024

    This is wonderful information! Thanks to all who contributed so far!
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    Question about USAFA Appointment Certificate

    I was notified of my appointment in January and have yet to receive the BFE.
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    Report Traffic Violations to USAFA?

    Okay I’ll rename it. I didn’t know what to title it so I just picked that. I did some online reasearch and basically concluded that since the warning was a printed one and not just a verbal warning that I can expect it to show up on my record if my background was searched. Edit: Renamed thread
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    Report Traffic Violations to USAFA?

    Hello! I’ve read about a dozen times on various academy forms that if I’m ever involved in anything serious or have a run-in with the law between the time of my appointment and I-Day that I should report it immeadiately to USAFA and my ALO in a hand written fashion. I’ve always glossed over...
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    Best Boots for basic??

    I personally couldn’t find the difference between the Nike Field 2 and Nike Gen 2 and the synthetic leather one. A Nike rep told me the first OCP boot they made was the synthetic leather one. Next the Field 2 model dropped and the Gen 2 model is their most recent one. So I bought the most recent...
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    How Important are SAT/ACT scores? And How Do I Study In Order To Improve

    I completely agree. My SAT scores are well below USAFA average and my ACT scores barely squeak in. Those things aside, I’m heavily involved in my school and community and layer my athletics and academics and leadership. My school requires community service so I have plenty of that too. A couple...
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    Form 86

    Thank you! You’re the best! I had no idea that existed but it answered many of my questions! Gotta love how there’s a 44 page presentation outlining instructions on how to fill out your 127 page application. I guess we’re only scratching the surface of the US military 😂
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    BCT Fitness Goals

    I’m only an appointee so if there is a cadet or alumnus that answers, please disregard my response. However, what I have learned through my research is the running, pushups, and pull-ups matter the most. Work on running and body weight excercise and also core strength. I would try and get your...
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    Form 86

    I printed all 127 pages out and I’m doing it by hand. That way I get the hard copy done for I-Day and have all the information ready to go for the digital version (which I can’t seem to find anyway). It took over an hour and a half to print all the pages and she’s THICC Be careful though... you...
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    USAFA Appointment List Class of 2025

    I would love to meet a bunch of appointees from Eastern Pennsylvania just to meet before basic (we've got 103 days lol). If you're interested, please let me know!
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    USAFA Appointment List Class of 2025

    I'm PA 7th district (Lehigh County) so we're basically neighbors 😃
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    USAFA Appointment List Class of 2025

    Our class is quickly coming together!! I am SOOO unbelievably excited!! So many additions today! I am so proud to be a part of it!! Literally can't contain myself. It's a pleasure to meet you all. 😆
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    USAFA Appointment List Class of 2025

    I'm sorry if this is off topic, but I couldn't find a more relevant thread to ask in... Have any of the appointees received their appointment folders/letters in the mail yet? My appointment was offered over 8 weeks ago and even after I accepted, I haven't received anything in the mail yet. I...
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    USAFA Appointment List Class of 2025

    Thank you!! I'm super excited and really nervous as I expect we all are... I received a phone call from my congressional office 2 days prior to the letter appearing on my portal. Ironically, they called while I was in calculus class and I was not allowed to answer so I had to wait an agonizing...