Jan 11, 2014
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    1. Roseville
      Hi Sportsmom4,

      Yes! I saw that. Interesting. So, since my DS received a 4yr Army ROTC schol in the 2nd board, I wonder if that means they would cross him off the list. If so, I just wish they would send the confounded TWE!!!

      It's really great for those USMA candidates who are close but not quite that they are getting these offers; I wonder how those who actually went through the process of applying for ROTC and didn't get anything might feel, though :rolleyes: They went through all the hoops...

      As for us, DS was so happy to get the transfer - he is excited to go to Catholic U in the fall with ROTC at Hoya Battalion. Deposit down, paperwork in, phew! feels good here.

      I still can't believe you haven't heard! But glad you are moving forward :smile:

      Hoping you get good news from USMA or CGA. Let me know when you hear!
      And good luck to your younger one on STEM!
    2. Roseville
      Hi Sportsmom4,

      I didn't see that - thanks - will go have a look. And have DS check his portal.

      I can't believe you haven't heard from CGA! Have they indicated when you might hear??

      We're "anxiously" waiting word on AROTC scholarship transfer - really want to get all the paperwork, deposits, housing, etc., squared away!
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