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    AIM Session 3 - Amazing CGA!

    I went to the AIM #3 to pick up my DS and attended the graduation ceremony. I was pretty impressed by all staff’s professionalism and passion. My DS said that AIM was the toughest training (not one of the...) but it was absolutely great to feel the big picture of real SA life. Some parents I...
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    did class of '24 just get more competitive?...

    It seems that USNA made a huge mistake back then! :)
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    How does NASS help your Naval Academy Application

    Yes, I agree with you that NASS itself doesn’t affect an appointment directly. I meant that a highly motivated candidate’s application will become more competitive b/c he/she definitely will pour more energy and effort into their applications & interviews.
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    How does NASS help your Naval Academy Application

    My DS went to NASS last month as well. There is a pre-NASS & post-NASS era for him. He even wants to take another NASS if it’s possible. It’s motivated him tremendously and confirmed that USNA is his ultimate goal to serve the country. Several admission officers clarified that NASS WILL NOT...
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    This would be a different topic but I am wondering if CVW can be issued only to those who didn’t join NASS. A candidate who completed NASS this summer can be invited to CVW as well??? It sounds like CVW would be another marketing tool USNA implements but any clarification would be helpful to...
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    USAFA '24 Portal opened

    @justdoit19 You are soooooooo fast! :) We always appreciate your prompt input and update for all!
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    AIM 2019 Waitlist

    When I dropped off my DS at a NASS, I joined a campus tour by USNA. One of the parents asked several questions to a guide, which confirmed that her DD is not interested in SA at all. Even the guide mentioned that the parent’s DD was looking for something else not SA. She agreed... I was...
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    Joined in 2011 as a parent - now a grad mom

    Thank you! Your leadership will impact many young leaders who need guideline and direction, positively. It seems an indirect impact through this forum but it will be a permanent one to many. I take my hat off to you for your great insights!
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    Thank you!

    What a great writeup from those who truly understand “appreciation!” I admire all parents who assisted and guided their DS/DD to serve this great country! This forum is truly amazing since there are many humble but extremely intelligent people/experts who want to help parents and their future...
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    Appointment acccepted then turned down

    There are always some kinds of loopholes in systems. But “honor” shall play a key role in SA applications since the appointees will be eventually leading soldiers and others as a leader. If he/she failed in “honor code” from the beginning, they already failed in their “future” leadership. A...
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    Leaving USAFA (Update #2)

    Honestly, I think that OP would not be a USAFA cadet since he or she doesn’t understand a basic principle any military institutions teach, i.e., “Chain Of Command.” I am so sorry for all issues occurring but the key people in OP’s chain of command have been ignored completely. Why does OP post...
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    NASS reflections

    USMAROTCfamily said: “For our DS, it helped fuel his fire forwanting to go to an Academy“ I truly understand what this comment means. My DS finished his NASS3 this week and his experience at NASS nailed down his goal, i.e., Commissioning through USNA. I realized that NASS has been well...
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    Is asthma a disqualifier?

    Thanks for all invaluable info and advices! A long process will be taken but it’s all about the process. My DS is very sure that he will get a waiver since USNA will see his potential future as a leader and the minor medical issues which is mostly administration issue associated with Sea Cadet...
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    Is asthma a disqualifier?

    Thanks for sharing the info. We are leaning toward taking a proactive action. When my DS saw a primary doctor for an AIM medical form, he explained about DoDMERB. The doctor was willing to write a letter saying that a couple of asthma issues occurred when he was younger had been cleared. When...
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    Is asthma a disqualifier?

    @Flea Wow, you are very proactive on your DD’s asthma issue. Please keep us posted. My DS’ situation is very similar to yours, e.g., renewing inhalers several times without using them. My DS got inhalers since Sea Cadet training required a similar document as like DoDMERB. If he/she ever used...