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    YOUR DOGS, CATS & Other Domestic Fauna - Cute, sad, buff or silly

    I’ve had German Shepherds my whole life and in my opinion there is no better breed. (You can look through this thread to see some of mine.) You need to really be ready before you take one into the family. They are incredibly smart, which is a blessing and a curse. They will try and please you to...
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    ROTC Recoupment Negotiations

    I have edited the above posts for privacy reasons and have noted each edit. Stealth_81
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    ROTC Recoupment Negotiations

    The OP hasn’t been on the forum since your first answer in order to read it. I’m sure they will be by soon enough. I appreciate your willingness to help. Stealth_81
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    Flying for the Airlines

    He is already signed on with a Reserve unit. Stealth_81
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    Flying for the Airlines

    Just to keep the thread updated, son is pursuing the three big legacy carriers and has had interviews in Atlanta and Dallas so far. He has walked out of the interview with job offers from both of those. He is very happy and things are going well. Now, just hoping the recession holds off until he...
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    SAT/ACT scores for Prep and Direct

    There is no cost for USAFAPS. In fact, they get paid to go there. OP didn’t specify which Prep school they were referring to with their question. Stealth_81
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    SAT/ACT scores for Prep and Direct

    Is your son a recruited athlete? If so, USAFAPS is probably more likely regardless of test scores. Would he play his sport at Tufts? Would they red-shirt him? Prep is basically the same thing in that case. Stealth_81
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    A Parent's Guide to Year One at USAFA

    Not much makes me chuckle out loud anymore, but this one did. Stealth_81
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    BCT Socks and Parents' Day Itinerary

    Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about what time they are going to be done. It really can’t be predicted because it will vary by squadron and cadet. The Doolies may have to stay until the end and help clean up, maybe not. Some state parent groups have receptions on base Friday evening so you wouldn’t...
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    AROTC Waiver Process

    Moved to DoDMERB. Stealth_81
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    Packing a bag for Academic Semester

    We stayed at The Academy Hotel the night before A-Day. I talked to the kitchen staff there and they prepared a great picnic lunch for us and had it ready at 0600 A-Day morning. (We got plenty of extra food since we anticipated some extra cadets that didn’t have family attending.) We took it in...
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    Appointee Kit Q&A

    During their third year (after signing their commitment) cadets are offered a Career Starter Loan. The loan is designed to provide funding for setting up a new household after graduation. The loan terms are different each year, but are usually very generous. As an example, our oldest son’s was...
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    Appointee Kit Q&A

    One thing to remember is that they will eventually need an account with either USAA or Navy Federal if they choose to take the career starter loan. It may be easier to have the account now rather than switch later. Stealth_81
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    Questions, Chatter, Congrats for the 2026 USAFA Appointment Thread

    If someone is looking for an activity to keep them occupied, I believe the Appointment Thread can use some sorting. It looks like there are several #177 appointments posted this morning and a couple incorrect ones after that. Stealth_81
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    Texas A&M C/O 2026 Thread

    It was deleted because it contained a link to a social media post, which is not allowed under the rules of the forum. Stealth_81