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    Well the Mavs just threw another game down the crapper!:unhappy:
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    They are killing me... first two games they were good but then they throw away game three and COMPLETELY SUCK in game 4. Now the freaking series is tied......
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    What are you going to miss?

    I'm gonna miss just relaxing, like right now, I'm sitting on my couch just after a liesurley lunch from Burger King, drinking a root beer and eating a Hershey bar all while watching the World Cup. I'm also gonna miss the Tour de France.:frown:
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    I'm going to try to validate Calc 1 and possibly Calc 2, we'll see though. I'll probably "try" to validate like computer science and maybe some other classes that I have taken. If you have no idea what you are doing during those tests, it sounds like a good place to rest.:thumb:
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    I-Day: Alone or with Family?

    When I said I wanted to be as unemotional as possible, I meant I didn't want to be the blubbering buffoon sitting in the fetal position on the floor in a corner sucking my thumb.:wink: It just fits my personality more to say my goodbyes at the airport and get the last hugs and kisses there...
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    I-Day: Alone or with Family?

    I'm going with my parents. I wanted to go alone but alas, I did not get the chioce. I want to be as unemotional as possible that morning because I think it would make it just a little bit easier. My mom will be crying and that's why I did not want my parents there, but they are coming along...