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    What company are you in?

    Some people play on sports teams too so they don't spend any time with their company. Your company is not everything. It really depends on who you are.
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    Applying for Multiple Academies?

    I got appointments to USMA, USNA, and USAFA despite saying I really wanted to go to West Point. I visited USNA just to see it and fell in love in the community. My advice is apply to all of them because at least you are giving yourself a chance. It is a lot of work, but in my case I would have...
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    waiver denied

    Did you have a LOA to USNA? What was wrong with your eyes? I am waiting for a vision wavier too, your situation is making me nervous...
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    Eye Wavier USNA Myopia Error

    I sent you a PM michdad.
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    Eye Wavier USNA Myopia Error

    Does anyone have any experience with eye waivers for Myopia - refractive error greater than - 6.00 diopters (sphere component only)? I think my one eye is like -6.50 and other is -5.75. I got a LOA to USNA and I'm wondering the probability that my wavier will be accepted by DODMERB. It is common...
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    How can you throw a bball from your knees 90ft and run a mile in 6:15 and not be able to do ONE pullup? That doesn't even seem possible. Also, you might want to retake the ACT to get that 21 in English up. 35 in science though is amazing!
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    Nomination on USMA Candidate File

    Thanks for the help everyone!!
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    Nomination on USMA Candidate File

    No, I never got anything in the mail about nominations from either my congressman or my senators. Maybe, I'll get something soon because I think the deadline is January 31st? Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Nomination on USMA Candidate File

    Hey everyone! I was wondering on my file it says: Nominations received: ROTCH MN62 Is the MN62 a congressman or senator? Does anyone know what the 62 means? I have already received an appointment, but I'm just curious because I went through all of those interviews, and I want to...
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    If all of my paperwork is in, and the Admissions Director for Great Lakes said he was taking my file to the board soon, what would be a general timeframe of when I'll hear back from the Academy? I already have a nomination for ROTC Honor Unit. How long does it take the board to make a decision?
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    I was wondering how bad a citation for damage to property would hurt your application. It is not on my record, but they say to mention things like that because every midshipman must undergo a background check. I got my application and this is something that is troubling me. My application is...