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    Top 5 movies

    The Quiet Man It's a Wonderful Life Pale Rider Blazing Saddles The Magnificent Seven (original of course) Three Days of the Condor Kelly's Heroes The Dirty Dozen Brian's Song Stripes To Hell and Back Caddyshack Rudy Rocky Braveheart And yes, it would be inconceivable to leave out 'The...
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    My Plebe Has Thoughts of Leaving USNA

    Very glad to hear that and I'm sure you can breathe a bit easier. Fair winds and following seas to your DS and all the best to you.
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    Meaning: <class year> mid of the semester?

    So I got that going for me, which is nice.
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    I was waiting for a Harmon Rabb Jr. reference.
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    Who to talk to about apptitude for commissioning grade?

    What an interesting thread!! The nuts and bolts of the "leadership lab" on the first rungs of the ladder.
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    One measure that I observe that evaluates Maturity

    At a recruiting luncheon at an unnamed academy, a member of the commandant's staff who happened to be there by default asked a blue chip recruit seated at our table "What made him so much better than everyone else" at his chosen sport. The recruit said simply, "Sir, I don't think I'm better than...
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    Holiday Wishes 2019 + Pic

    God bless the men and women of our armed forces standing watch around the world this holiday season.
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    Ask me anything

    Do you notice a difference between your own maturity level and that of your high school friends now that you may be around them for break? Or maybe that is a tough ask.... a difference between your high school friends and the level of the Mids you have been around since arriving at the academy?
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    The Gunsmith Thread

    This was no boating accident!
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    Varsity Sports

    I wouldn't overlook the fact that the 'team' aspect of varsity sports is what is integral to both life in the brigade and the fleet and a big part of why they look for that quality in an applicant. It is not about the awards but about learning to be a team player. Leadership is certainly...
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    CFA scores (female)

    MidCakePa called it and you stepped right up and took accountability. That is great to see. You are well on your way. Good luck!
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    USNA medical exam question

    Hoping for the best possible outcome for the OP. Good luck. Keep us posted.
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    Go Army! Beat Navy!

    Jeff Monken is a class act... as are the rest of the Black Knights.
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    The Aftermath

    You will not see many performances better than Malcolm Perry turned in today's game. Very well done.
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    What’s on the menu @ Lincoln Financial Field?

    In addition, because he will be in attendance it will be the biggest crowd in the history of any sporting event. It will be Yuge!.