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    Who's the new Sup.? Any thoughts on this individual?
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    Plebe Summer - First Phone Call on Sunday July 11th

    Glad to hear alot of positive phone calls! Our call was positive today as well, just the facts w/ minimal details. I want to send out an encouragement to those who may not be getting a "great call" today though. Its tough when you hear from them and they "cant stand it",or "just wished I had...
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    First Letters Home

    Amen to the glasses comment Faithful Mom!!!!!! :thumb::thumb:
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    Facebook Photos

    Would flag bearers in front of Companies be in leadership postions or is this just a rotating assignment? Thanks:thumb:
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    Any Black Flag Days?

    I'm sure there was a BF day yesterday,today,and some more coming this week. Just wondering if anyone had confirmation. Thanks
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    I-Day Minus 1

    Do the NAPSTERS have a big advantage when it comes to plebe checking in earlier, knowing the military ways..etc.?? Just wondering. Thanks
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    I-Day Minus 1

    Do you have the facebook link? Thanks:thumb:
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    What to bring on I-Day?

    Might as well unpack the tennis racket:(
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    Shy Bladder

    If it is a drug screen type and the subject cannot void what is done? Thanks
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    Company Assignments Have Been Mailed

    Which companys belong to each reg? Companys 1-6=Reg 1? 7-12=Reg 2??? Pardon my ignorance.
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    Company Assignments Have Been Mailed

    E Company 9th Platoon. Any thoughts on 9"Cloud Nine"? Will this be their permanent Company for all four years? Go Navy!
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    Send NAPS Questions This Way

    They have not this year.
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    USNA to the Coast Guard

    How does this commissioning work? Why would the Navy or other branch want someone to commission in another branch of service? Thanks for the info. Tommygun
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    HS Graduation Gifts for those Academy Bound?

    Knowing that their needs are different, what would be some good ideas? Current mids and others chime in......Thanks
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    USCGA Class of 2013

    So will those who do not gain appoinments go active duty as I thought this was part of the scholars requirement if unable to advance tto the Academy?Just wondering.