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    I haven't updated in a while, but I still stalk you guys! I recently got accepted to the Roanoke Valley Gov. School. I'm so excited and ready for the challenge. I went with my older sister on a tour of UVA. Awesome school. That's off topic of this off topic post. Sorry this is very badly worded...
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    Bang for the Buck

    Go Tech! (Virginia Tech)
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    Virginia Academy Day!

    Sorry this is in the wrong section,I can't seem to post in Academy Events. This is copied from an email I recieved today. I went last year, and it was awesome! Very informational. "Virginia students interested in attending one of the nation's service academies are encouraged to attend the...
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    Marine administers oath of enlistment to son via webcam from Afghanistan

    Amazing, I wish we could see the video.
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    VMI chances

    Don't overlook VA Tech!
  6. Trey You need a facebook to read this. :)
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    Super Bowl XLVIII

    So much for that. :/
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    Super Bowl XLVIII

    Oh and we all know how the Puppy Bowl is more exciting.
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    Super Bowl XLVIII

    I just hope it is a good game.
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    NROTC Without Sports?

    Indoor track is during the winter I'm quite sure.
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    Virginia Senator's Service Academy Day

    Oh and if anyone goes go to Bagby's a really good restraunt at the end by the large chalk board!
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    Virginia Senator's Service Academy Day

    I went last year! They also had Virginia Tech and VMI talk there!
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    This We'll Defend